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  • Hello. This is Shar McBee and I've been teaching people how to raise money for charity for

  • over 20 years. You can connect with me on my website Joy of

  • In this 2 minute video, I'm going to tell you a nonprofit fundraising secret that I

  • used to help a church go from deep in debt to solvent. The secret also increased the

  • church membership by 500%. It took very little time, but made a huge difference for that

  • church. It will make a huge difference for you, too.

  • The church was in upstate New York. It was deep in debt. They had an endowment, but the

  • membership had dwindled to 25 members and they were spending the principle on their

  • endowment to stay afloat. They were bleeding cash and needed to stop it fast.

  • Here's what we did: The Board members and main volunteers decided to make their church

  • the most welcoming church in the area. Every Sunday they greeted people beautifully. In

  • the past, one person stood at the door greeting people. Now, each of them went out to meet

  • people at their cars. They invited people to sit with them. After church they introduced

  • people to each other. Asked questions. Listened.

  • We started this in March. By June the church was solvent. They were no longer spending

  • money from the endowment. It took only 3 months and they were bringing in more than they spent.

  • In September, the minister sent me an email: "We want you to see what has happened. We

  • are having a celebration and we want you to come, but we only have 125 seats and we want

  • to be sure to save a place for you."

  • In 6 months the church went from deep in debt to solvent; from 25 people to 125. That's

  • a 500% increase. All because of a simple nonprofit fundraising tip. It helped that church and

  • it will help you, too. Be welcoming!

Hello. This is Shar McBee and I've been teaching people how to raise money for charity for


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非營利組織籌款技巧--讓你的捐款翻倍|教會籌款創意 (NonProfit Fundraising Tips - Double Your Donations | Church Fundraising Ideas)

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