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  • Welcome back.

  • True Seeker just put out a longer video on the release of four albums in the world of Hip hop.

  • March 6th 2020 one of those albums was Megan the Stallion Sugar.

  • I want to expand further on what I showed in that video again, we need to go back to March 22nd 2019.

  • That was the day her mother died, who was a rapper in the industry who went by the name Hollywood.

  • At the time of her mother's death.

  • Megan the stallion became very famous very fast, getting a lot of play on the radios across the nation.

  • We talked about last year how her mother died 35 days after Megan the Stallion's birthday.

  • And what the significance of the number 35 ISS.

  • We're gonna expand on why this album now came out 350 days, 350 after her mother's death.

  • So again, if you're new here, we talk about geometry of the practice of coding numbers into words based on the alphabet, 1/4 and the alphabetic order with the rules numerology without the alphabetic order.

  • Sugar is 48 with the alphabetic order and rules.

  • Numerology.

  • Hollywood is 48 again Megan the Stallion's mother.

  • She was a rapper who went by this name so again her mother died March 22nd 2019 which was exactly 350 days before the release of this album.

  • 350 Days and let's just go back and look at what we recorded last year, right after her mother's passing again.

  • The date Sheep past March 22nd can be written 22 slash three like 2 to 3, 223 is the 48th prime number.

  • So there's a number relationship.

  • You might be familiar with the wrapper black youngster he released on album called Illuminati, and then this follow up album was called 2 to 3.

  • The word alumina T equals 48 again, 220 three's the 48th Prime.

  • He said he called his album 2 to 3 because it took him 223 weeks to make $2 million.

  • If you write out, $2 million is words that sums to 2 to 3, but there's 2 to 3 number.

  • It is important to the people who control the world of entertainment.

  • Who are the false ones who are the Synagogue of Satan again?

  • In Revelation 37 it states that there will be these false Jews who are the Synagogue of Satan.

  • You are liars and notice 2 to 3 in the Bible.

  • The letters written to the Church of Philadelphia, Philadelphia 2 to 3 aboutthe synagogue a Satan may Sonic, also as that Jewish geometry of 2 to 3.

  • Masonry is based in Jewish mysticism, which is Kabbalah.

  • Kabbalah states.

  • God created the world with letters, numbers and words.

  • That's why they work by this code.

  • When her mother died last year, it was one of the dates I told people to circle.

  • I always say, a month in advance, which data circle that has the 44 64 date numerology kill equals 44 64.

  • It's the same thing every single month, from Megan the Stallion's Birthday and again, a really curious name.

  • Because the stallion's a male horse.

  • Why would a female be called a stallion anyway?

  • From her birthday last year, which was her 24th birthday to her mother's death was 35 days later.

  • Remember Rapids 35.

  • So Svengali.

  • And that's the word for the evil in the entertainment industry that hit in hand, that makes entertainers do things that they would not want to do, such as off their mother.

  • Get her mother's name.

  • Holly Thomas Sons to 149 which is the 35th prime number again, and she died 35 days after Megan the Stallion's birthday.

  • Her daughter, Megan the stallion, is born on the 46th day of the year.

  • February 15th noticed Bengalis, 35 46 Raptors 35 46.

  • So a perfect ritual for a rap career.

  • She's become very famous since then.

  • Her birth name, Megan, is Megan.

  • Pete.

  • Pete has the Jemaah Tria of 46 it is well born on the 46th day of the year.

  • Pete also has 19 Mike Wrapped 17.

  • Like rap again.

  • These are the four based ciphers alphabetic order alphabetic quarter with rules, numerology, reverse south of bed, 1/4 reverse alphabetical order, the rules, numerology and might have Pete having 62 in it.

  • The word sacrifices 62 46 the term Faustine bargain equals 62 which is a deal with the devil for material wealth and game.

  • So again, dead on 2 to 3 to 23 the 48th prime.

  • Her mother was gonna turn 48 years old on May 2nd 2019.

  • So she died just shy of her 48th birthday.

  • Just shy.

  • She almost made it and notice she died 42 days from her birthday.

  • In that other number stamped all over black history.

  • Free Mason also equals 42 48 42 days shy of her 48 birthday masonry, based in this code of letters and numbers, which is Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism.

  • Her rap name Hollywood was also 48 42.

  • So you see, she probably, you know, made the deal once upon a time for herself and for her daughter and for doing that, she gets off 42 days again before the 48th birthday, dying at age 47 like the 47 degrees on the Masonic compass.

  • If you don't count the span of days, it was 41 days prior.

  • If you count the span, it was a span of 42 days.

  • 41 also factors in because mom equals 41 loses her mom.

  • They said the mom's cause of death was brain tumor, which sums to 67 like blood sacrifice notice.

  • Soul is 67 41 as well.

  • You sell your soul in the Faustian bargain for your career, in this case for the music career.

  • So all of you entertainers who want to be famous you want the big money you want the big record deal you want to be, you know, music, video on the airwaves.

  • I realize this is what you also want, because this is what comes with it.

  • There aren't any exceptions in this world.

  • Entertainment.

  • Just look at how many of these entertainers die young.

  • Look at how many of them around the time they get famous.

  • They lose a parent, a brother, a sibling, a cousin, a best friend.

  • It's the same thing again and again.

  • It's clockwork.

Welcome back.


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2020年3月6日Megan Thee Stallion的SUGA及母親的犧牲,2019年3月22日Holly-Wood。 (Megan Thee Stallion's SUGA, March 6, 2020 & the sacrifice of her mother, March 22, 2019, Holly-Wood)

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