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  • Can we ask you about the outfit?

  • Siriano Custom kits or can we hold up the person and you tell me about what it means?

  • I get a hold of this.

  • I'm not gonna hold up this first.

  • It's supposed to be subtle, like me.

  • Very discreet.

  • Unclear the messaging?

  • No.

  • We did hear, though your outfit earlier is this kind of Kensington Palace?

  • Not in that.

  • Can you tell me that's okay.

  • So the if it was made my mike around your government, the government was made by Giles Deacon, and he made that fabric based on, like, I think it's a Kensington Palace.

  • You know, pillar or something like that.

  • You know, you're a fan of the Royals.

  • How do you feel about Harry and Meghan?

  • Maybe study more time in America.

  • We might get out like that, You know?

  • He's wearing a black girl.

  • She was like, We don't need their money.

  • I've been here before.

  • I love summer work for Do I love it?

  • She took him right on with her.

  • I love her for she's a style like she's everything I love her.

  • Can we also ask you Brad Pitt won his first big acting Oscar ever.

  • How do you feel about the award season Brad's having?

  • He's like rocking the long hair, just living his life.

  • He's been here forever.

  • He deserves that.

  • He's worked hard.

  • Congratulations on winning.

  • Are you gonna go in and celebrate without?

  • I'm trying to get in their way.

  • Just want to talk to you about everything you do.

  • Billy, I'm sorry.

  • I'm trying to get into seats.

  • Are Elton John.

  • Thank you to you.

  • Walk out, Billy.

  • That person.

  • Just just let me see it.

  • Let me drag.

  • I gotta get back.

Can we ask you about the outfit?


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比利-波特對哈里王子和梅根-馬克爾的皇家退出有想法(獨家)。 (Billy Porter Has THOUGHTS on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Exit (Exclusive))

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