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Today I'm going to show you 5 different things you can cut with an egg slicer,
I'm using this metal one because it's nice and strong.
Of course it's meant for hard-boiled eggs.
Once you've peeled it,
You just put it through the slicer
And you're left with these beautiful, thin slices.
The first thing I'm gonna try is a strawberry,
They seem to be just the right softness
and it works perfectly.
It doesn't squash out too much juice
And you could use it you're making a fruit salad
Staying with fruit, I wanted to see if it would work with a kiwi.
I decided to peel it first,
So I chopped off the ends
Then used a spoon to separate the skin from the fruit, all the way round.
I put it in the slicer and gave it a go.
As you can see, it didn't really work,
it just went a bit mushy and made a horrible mess.
So I decided to try again, with another kiwi
And this time, instead of putting it in this way round, I turned it round 90 degrees to see if it would make any difference
And it worked really well
It gave nice, even slices, and they looked really pretty.
You can also use it with an avocado.
Normal avocados are obviously far too big to fit in, but I did find these small avocados fit okay.
Carefully cut it in half, and remove the stone.
I used a spoon to remove it from the skin,
and place it on the slicer.
And it's soft enough to slice really easily
You could use it for salads, or even as a sandwich filling.
It works really well with mushrooms, too.
And you get this really lovely profile
You can eat them raw or use them for cooking and they're ideal for a pizza topping.
And on that note I decided to see if it would slice a mozzarella.
I drained the fluid out and removed the cheese.
It's a little bit big for the slicer, so I held it together as I brought the cutting arm down.
It made a little bit of a mess, but it actually worked really well.
It gave me these nice, even, thin slices of mozzarella
Which are perfect for on a pizza,
Along with your mushrooms.
I hope you've enjoyed watching this video, if you want to see more you can click on the links
or take a look at my youtube channel page.
Stay safe, have fun, and as always, thanks for watching!


切蛋器可以拿來切什麼?生活妙方 (What Can You Cut with an Egg Slicer? Life Hacks)

27 分類 收藏
Jade Weng 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 15 日
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