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  • Try and see if you can find the real tablet on this screen. If you guessed any of these,


  • you're wrong, because these are all tic-tac's, but if I was a medical professional handing


  • over some tablets to cure your headache or the morning after pill (you wouldn't want


  • that to be a tic-tac), how do you know that it's the real deal?


  • This is where the placebo effect takes place. Could a doctor give you a pill which is actually


  • a sugar pill (or tic-tac if you say it's supposed to be minty) and cure their patient?


  • and research points to us being able to take a pill

  • In one study conducted around the placebo effect it was found that if doctors said that


  • the patient would "feel better in a few more days" that patients recovery was increased


  • than saying something like "this isn't going to help you at all." Some studies have even


  • shown that the amount you have to take, the size, how many you have to take a day, what


  • box the drug comes in and even the colour of the pill can make the effect stronger or


  • weaker. Even things like getting an injection instead of taking a pill can have a stronger


  • effect even though they're all medically ineffective. So does it mean just can't heal our body?

    就算你打的針本身並不具有任何效果 是不是表示 他無法治療身體呢

  • Some research suggests that the placebo effect works because the body releases endorphins,


  • not to be confused with dolphins. Endorphins are the body's natural pain killers and could


  • be why the placebo effect works quite well when we're trying to get rid of pain.


  • One study found that those who were given a real drug which increased their hormone


  • level had the same amount of increase when they were given a placebo tablet later on.


  • The same study found that those who didn't get the initial hormonal increase drug didn't


  • see their hormone levels increase.


  • The placebo effect doesn't work for everyone, but it's interesting to think that perhaps


  • if we learnt more about it we could eventually cure ourselves with the power of our brains,


  • which would be much more useful than having to deal with the side-effects of the tablets


  • we take today.

Try and see if you can find the real tablet on this screen. If you guessed any of these,


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B1 中級 中文 安慰劑 藥丸 賀爾蒙 效應 研究 痊癒

安慰劑效應 (The Placebo Effect)

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