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  • Mmm.

  • At the back of a suburban coffee shop in Montreal, you'll find four young computer scientists and their new startup lyre bird.

  • These guys are doing something amazing and frightening.

  • They're using a I to clone your voice.

  • You're speaking about this new algorithm to copy voices.

  • This is huge.

  • They can make us say anything.

  • Not really anything.

  • One of the guys behind this scary innovation is Mexican expat Jose.

  • He taught me the art of the clothes.

  • So you'll need to record yourself for a few minutes of audio.

  • Thousands of letters danced across the amateur author screen.

  • When you start to eat like this, something is the matter.

  • You guys better quit politics and take in washing.

  • I don't know where that came from.

  • Okay?

  • So create my digital voice now.

  • Creating your digital voice takes at least one minute.

  • One minute, my God s o before to create some artificial voice of someone you would need to record yourself for at least eight hours.

  • Test your voice.

  • All right, so now I get to type something.

  • So the moment off, literally.

  • What's lyre?

  • Birds?

  • A.

  • I has worked its magic after I'm done typing spell better.

  • Any words I put into the app can be played back in my digital voice.

  • And here's the crazy thing.

  • Even words I never actually sat in the first place.

  • Artificial intelligence technology seems to be advancing very quickly.

  • Should we be afraid?

  • I really like it definitely hereby voice in there.

  • That's what that is.

  • That's really interesting.

  • I just picked those words at random, and I definitely did not say some of them.

  • And it's like, flawless and being able to sort of pick from just about any word and manufacture it.

  • Hello World is the best show I have ever seen.

  • This technology seems sweet but lends itself to all manner of trickery of pop back to my hotel to test out the library technology a little bit, and you could see some really obvious ways that this could be abused.

  • This is this fake Donald Trump talking the United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea.

  • And then you get pictures, somebody taking over your voice and creating some mayhem in your personal life.

  • Now, to really put my computer voice to the test.

  • I am going to call my dear sweet mother and see if she recognizes me.

  • Hey, Mom.

  • What are you guys up to today?

  • Well, it's not that we didn't have any electricity early this morning, and we're just hanging around the house.

  • I'm just finishing up work and waiting for the boys to get home.

  • Okay?

  • I think I'm coming down with a virus.

  • Oh, you feel bad.

  • I e was messing around with you.

  • You were talking to the computer.

  • I was going to you.

  • It's amazing.

  • Is that scary?

  • Good.

  • It could be scary if it was something really important.

  • But you now is that I don't know What is it?

  • After realizing that anyone with the time and inclination could mess with my life, there was only one thing left to d'oh.

  • I joined Jose and a few other lyre birds to chat more about the evils of a eye while dulling my fear with booze.

  • Obviously, some people are freaked out by this technology because we're already, like, blurring the line about truth and reality.

  • Of course, there is some risk in in in people using this kind of technology for bad applications.

  • Unfortunately, technologies.

  • It's not possible to stop it.

  • So the ethical but that we have decided, is to show these two people to make them know that this kind of technology is available on, so to make them more cash cautious on this kind of subject, I really believe that right now when the technology is not perfect, is the right time to let people kind of play with it, get used to it slowly.

  • So you guys think the idea is just sort of knew, and that's why it scares people.

  • But if you get used to it, it's just that's just the way we want our technology to be used for a positive things.

  • It's not something that we should be really afraid off.

  • It's something that we should be careful about, but I feel enthusiastic about.

  • It's nice to be enthusiastic.

  • It's also nice to meditate on the consequences of your inventions instead of turning our souls over to chance and blind luck.

  • But it is kind of cool to be a cynical bastard in my new artisanal computer voice.

  • Welcome Russian friends to our huge, wonderful and very pure elections.



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這個AI可以克隆任何聲音,包括你的聲音 (This AI Can Clone Any Voice, Including Yours)

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