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  • Over the course of the past century a number of scholars have contributed to the field of psychology.

  • While many have only made small contributionsfalling into literal

  • obscurity over timeseveral prominent individuals have developed theories that,

  • while having noted controversies, have withstood the test of time.

  • Such is the case with Sigmund Freud and his development of psychoanalytic theory.

  • In order to fully understand the contribution that Freud made to the

  • discipline of psychology, this investigation considers both Freud’s work

  • and his theoretical proposition on the development of personality.

  • By examining Freud’s contribution to psychology, it will be possible to

  • demonstrate why Freud’s theories continue to remain

  • a lynchpin of educational development in psychology.

  • Before the specifics of Freud’s view on the structure of personality can be discussed,

  • a consideration of psychoanalytic theory and its basic tenets is first warranted.

  • By examining the underlying philosophies of psychoanalytic theory first,

  • it will be possible to provide a broad framework for understanding Freud’s basic ideologies overall.

  • From this point, it will then be possible to narrow the subject so that a

  • critical examination of Freud’s structure of personality can be effectively delineated.

  • Exploring the central philosophies of psychoanalytic therapy, an author notes the following:

  • Human beings are basically determined by psychic energy and by early experiences.

  • Unconscious motives and conflicts are central in present behavior.

  • Irrational forces are strong; the person is driven by sexual and aggressive impulses”.

  • Covey further notes that understanding early childhood development is

  • essential to the process of therapy as repressed conflicts from this period

  • are often the root cause of dysfunctional behavior.

  • Thus, the importance of the development and structure of personality become evident.

Over the course of the past century a number of scholars have contributed to the field of psychology.


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論文大師--西格蒙德-弗洛伊德研究論文 (Paper Masters - Sigmund Freud Research Paper)

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