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  • what I love about Nicole.

  • She's a mother who plays really place what I love about Charlie.

  • He loves being a dad who loves all the things you're supposed to hate.

  • Like waking up in night.

  • She knows when to push me and want to leave me alone.

  • He never lets other people keep him from what he wants to do.

  • You know, it's not easy for her to close.

  • A Kappa is incredible need.

  • She's brave, He's brilliant, is very competitive.

  • So tell Charlie what's happening.

  • And Cassie you then hand him handle.

  • Oh, I just get nervous.

  • Can you Unserved?

  • What you mean?

  • Like take it back?

  • Charlie and I are getting a divorce.

  • Mom, you can't be friends with in anymore.

  • You know, most people in my business, you just transactions.

  • I like to think of those people.

  • Okay, Good.

  • You remind me of myself on my second marriage Way together is telling your story.

  • You dye your hair.

  • This is me.

  • You know, like it.

  • Is it shorter?

  • I prefer longer.

  • How are you doing?

  • E realize I never really come along for myself.

  • I was just beating his alive nous I never get to really be a parent again.

  • He needs to know that I fought for him.

  • And many It's not simple is nothing love anymore.

  • Eventually will be the two of you having to figure this out together way start from a place of reasonable and they start from a place of crazy when we settled will be somewhere between reasonable and crazy.

what I love about Nicole.


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婚姻故事預告片(2019) (MARRIAGE STORY Trailer (2019))

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