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  • I've got a confession to make.

  • I was starting to feel a bit guilty here.

  • You know, I'm just being honest.

  • I'm being transparent in front of me.

  • I mean, you know this product, this product became such a mean, like it's crazy how it picked up steam after the fact after it came out.

  • I mean, when it came out, there were jokes about it.

  • There was a lot of talk about a little dental floss.

  • Like I said, he's almost exactly like a dental floss case.

  • What does it think it's doing?

  • What does it think it is?

  • Why does it have $160 price take?

  • This is, of course, the Apple Airpods.

  • Now, when that came out, I made some comments.

  • You know, I was like, I don't really like this thing that much, not getting a ton of volume now.

  • It's probably better for my hearing in the long run, but I like it.

  • I like a thug to it.

  • You know, sound quality's not there.

  • There's not a lot of isolation.

  • I can say the sound.

  • I'm not happy with sound.

  • The convenience is an A plus, though it's just we better head phones out there and way better value out there.

  • So I kind of said that in that video, and I continued to say that for a little while.

  • But these things, they somehow they stuck around, they were in my bag from time to time.

  • They were at home, they went a few places with me.

  • And so the problem with that is I started thinking I told people I don't really like these things, but here I am using them.

  • I felt like I had to sit down and just said it straight.

  • I've been using the air pots and kind of enjoying it.

  • I have some reasons for it.

  • They are not perfect.

  • They're still not great.

  • And I still would not recommend them at this price point for both people that are in the headphone market looking for some new headphones, I still wouldn't, but yes, I reached for these things frequently, and in most circumstances I actually prefer them to other headphone options.

  • Even though I don't use an iPhone, what is?

  • It's as 10 right now.

  • But even before that, with one plus, and as I mentioned before with the laptop, So what is it what's special about these woman.

  • Apple really did something here in terms off the package in terms of fit and finish the scale, the convenience factor.

  • Never mind sound isolation base.

  • It's not here, all right, That's not what these things are right now you're saying way to sink their headphones.

  • How can you not evaluate them on those parameters?

  • I do a lot of listening to spoken word audio podcasts, and that's where these things really shine is you just need some audio wirelessly in a very small package that's convenient.

  • Charged up fits in your pocket.

  • There's really not a great alternative that I'm yet aware of.

  • Now there are other products that are fully wireless, like this have little charged cases.

  • I've talked about them.

  • Some of them have features better than what's offered on here.

  • But they all give up a little something.

  • For example, the wireless earbuds style that sits further in the ear.

  • Improvement in sound quality, improvement and sound isolation.

  • But the problem in and out function you pop it in.

  • It's a bit of a crank.

  • You kind of get it set in there.

  • This guy over here, it's a riel.

  • It's a casual endeavor.

  • It's like it's like nothing.

  • What did you say?

  • Okay, cool.

  • See you later.

  • Now, this year, but is not gonna fit everyone.

  • And it looks wacky and wonky.

  • And when you see him out in public, you're like, Who does this guy think he is?

  • You can't help it.

  • For whatever reason, this is the design.

  • We're just having to live with it.

  • But that design gives you some positive aspects, like the form factor.

  • Like I said earlier, this is tiny.

  • I need to give you a warning here, even though this is a confession video about me actually using these things, however reluctantly, there have been circumstances where these were in my bag and I wanted to die.

  • There was a time in a coffee shop, for example.

  • There was an obnoxious conversation going on over my shoulder.

  • It was Yeah, yeah, go on, go.

  • I was dying.

  • And since they do very little toe, isolate external noise, there was nothing I could do about it.

  • Couldn't crank him up any more similar circumstances.

  • Where I have access to real noise canceling headphones like Sony's, I can't hear anything.

  • The conversation behind me doesn't matter at all.

  • So these air not a replacement for that.

  • But somehow, some way in so many circumstances, I just end up reaching for these.

  • And I felt that it was important to let you know.

  • Now the real question is, at this point, what's Apple going to do for version number two?

  • I think the popularity of this product possibly even surprised them.

  • Still not certain exactly why I keep reaching for these, but it's the truth.

  • I do, and you deserve the truth.

I've got a confession to make.


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我的蘋果AirPods懺悔錄 (My Apple AirPods Confession)

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