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  • Hi, guys.

  • Welcome back to my channel today.

  • We're gonna talk about art off if you know me.

  • You know that I love oversized clothing, and I'm so happy to see that it's everywhere right now.

  • And there are so many ways that we can make clothing work for us.

  • And that's why I really wanted to make this video, because I believe that these techniques can literally upgrade your outfit to a whole other level and just bring that little Jesus juice.

  • If you're new to the channel, don't forget to subscribe and press the bell and leave a comment.

  • And like this video, I truly appreciate it.

  • And now let's get to the art of talking.

  • So the first talk is the mushroom tuck.

  • This one is pretty well known, and a lot of people do it.

  • So an example is taking on oversized T shirt and tuck it into your pants and then just pull it up a bit to create that little mushroom.

  • This will make sure to emphasize your ways and give shape to your body.

  • That way, you don't lose your body in the oversized T shirt.

  • Also a great way to upgrade the T shirt look iss to roll up your cuff one or two times to give it a little more of an elevated look.

  • This one has been one of my favorites, which I have to say, I've learned, and I feel like I maybe even invented can I say that I might have invented.

  • But talking and oversized battened down is not an easy task.

  • And I'm sure that a lot of you guys have tried to steal your boyfriends or your partner's oversized lying down or have your own and try to talk it into tighter pans.

  • And what it does is giving you that bulge that we don't necessarily want.

  • What I started doing is when I am wearing the oversized rundowns, I'll do it at the bottom, and then you take one side and talk it into each leg.

  • And once you have a tucked in, you fluff it up a bit just to give it more of that casual look and not too tied an awkward looking and there you have it.

  • That's how you talking oversized.

  • But next stuck is something that is extremely helpful for a lot of girls out there, and I remember when I first showcase that on Instagram, it went viral.

  • So many people just found so many new ways to wear sweaters that they already have with different bottoms.

  • So this one is the sweater tuck.

  • All you do is you tuck your sweater underneath your bra.

  • So I know that sometimes we do have the smaller Roz where there's not enough band to hold out the sweaters.

  • I'd like to wear them with bras like this.

  • This is kind of a T shirt brought this is from pink.

  • And because the band is so thick, it literally holds so much of the sweater, and I don't have to constantly readjust it.

  • And nothing that you can do if you wanna talk it under your bra, is to put safety pins into your bra and the sweater, and that will ensure that it's not gonna move anywhere.

  • Talking the sweater can give you multiple different options.

  • It can give you the crop sweater.

  • Look, that a lot of girls a rocking these days, it can also help with just giving it a better fit to your body.

  • Depends if your torso is longer or shorter.

  • So this is a great trick to have in mind whenever you have a situation with this way, the next act is one that I personally love to do, and it's because I do like to.

  • We wear my dress is in the winter or in autumn when it's getting colder, and the way that I love to wear them is to put a sweater on top.

  • And again, I do like the look of a cropped sweater rather than it, looking like a big lump with the dress and with the sweater.

  • So what I like to do is talking the sweater.

  • But obviously, because we don't have access to the bra, we can do it with the belt.

  • You put the belt over your sweater and then what you do.

  • It's like you pulled the upper part of the sweater and create that mushroom look to make sure that it covers the bell.

  • So that way it looks like a crop sweater, and then you're also using your dress as a skirt, and there you have it.

  • A whole new look belt.

  • Thank you so much for watching help you learn to cook.

Hi, guys.


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