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  • good morning you beautiful people I just drank coffee so excited for my existence

  • on this planet Earth so today we have a really really awesome day today we are

  • actually working with a photographer who does amazing like family photos she has

  • a really cool style so we're doing kind of a mummy and baby photo session I

  • wanted to start with a huge thank you to secret deodorant for sponsoring this

  • video and collaborating with me so I don't know if you guys know but secret

  • came out with a new deodorant which is aluminum free deodorant which is huge it

  • also died free and it's clear and no parabens which is awesome I'm really

  • excited to see such a big brand to come out with that hello he said I wanted

  • mama how can he get young here we have good shooting we have a photo shoot max

  • mommy and baby's gonna have photo shoot you have a baby already he's like I was

  • a bird you guys know that I always kind of on a hunt for more ingredient

  • conscious brands and I'm not perfect by any means but it's really awesome that

  • there is a company as big a secret that comes out and gives this option for

  • everybody because these can be found in every drugstore everywhere

  • well the most important thing as in did this experiment where I put that theater

  • and on and then put like a black shirt and you know how there's a lot of

  • deodorants that leave the white marks this doesn't happen it's clear and

  • doesn't leave any marks I'm using the rose water I'm gonna put a link in the

  • description box yes I told you I just had coffee so I do have a long day today

  • just making sure I'm ready to attack Oh next hello to Maxie boo the six month

  • old Maxie who is growing so so fast I don't know what to do with you

  • so Maxie turned six months I feel like it flew by I don't even know what

  • happened I think the combination of still waking up at night and having two

  • other kids totally erased sense of time for me

  • but this little monkey is so if true could boy he eats we already started

  • giving him solids and he turns around he has new sounds that he makes right Maxie

  • would you say Bubba and Gina got excited are you ready are you ready boy

  • everything is so interesting I know the world looks so nice for you so many

  • new things to see and learn

  • let's go max eek you ready it's that it's a bird oh excuse me what is this

  • magical place

  • this is maximus is very excited to be here

  • what is this gorgeous place can I move in buddy

  • what's his name Salem oh yes

  • so I just want to tell a story how the universe is there for you if you believe

  • in it because I slept for three hours last night and I was planning to do my

  • own hair and makeup and then Ashley message me in the morning was like oh

  • you're shooting with my friend I can come over and hang if you want some hair

  • and makeup that's like yes bring them all the concealer you have please Oh

  • Salem Q I see that like you love everything shabi just like it's you

  • could squirted yeah like a smushed face I know ah the holes in there like not

  • close you know there's no that's my favorite back

  • he's ruling an intimate nore thank you for being here today

  • can I see your ID jacket you get it girl gold digger we're all batteries gorgeous

  • oh my god I'm gonna move enough okay so we're going for a very natural soft feel

  • so this is gonna be I'm gonna show you the lighting here won't do justice I'm

  • so excited the first look is a supernatural we're doing with Maxie

  • booth beautiful artist here with the red lip

  • Hey

  • is doing an amazing job you obviously know and this beautiful

  • lady supplied this dreamy location I'm moving in where do you see do that again

  • maybe those pants whatever pants yeah the baby one I feel like I'm trying to

  • save her kind of the moments with him but it's hard when there's so much going

  • on as a veteran he still wakes up at night once at night is like usually but

  • sometimes it would be two three four at this age to have like growth spurts

  • eating there's so many different things going on so I kind of don't get used to

  • anything I usually make sure to establish a firm routine at around 1:00

  • but I am thinking about sleep training him just because I feel like he really

  • doesn't need to eat at night anymore but then I also don't want to do it because

  • I feel like that one time at night is literally the only time we have just to

  • be one-on-one quietly without distractions here comes the prince

  • oh my god

  • he's already very curious and he just wants to do everything and go everywhere

  • I feel like he's trying to run after his brothers already so I think that he's

  • actually gonna start moving pretty soon the boys are really really good with him

  • Jake is obsessed with him he just so wants to be involved and help with his

  • little brother Ben is a little iffy about him he's not a little Wow

  • what is going on this is yucky for us

  • and we're getting rest it was pretty easy baby I think is the third one

  • they're like I don't have much choice here so I'm not even gonna bother to be

  • high maintenance Wow look at this guide are you gonna start crawling soon I know

  • I know okay

  • we

  • he's like staring right off he's a little bit

  • they're really great having you part of this family you brought so much Sun and

  • light and laughter into our lives and thanks for picking us to be your mama

  • and papa and now we're gonna go feed this guy Oh

  • boo-boo could pick up a thicker

good morning you beautiful people I just drank coffee so excited for my existence


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Max和我一起拍了第一張照片! (Max and I Had Our First Photoshoot Together!)

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