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  • Welcome to CBS Sports.

  • I'm Larry Bo Berry and I'm Gearing Nana Faneuil Full fare, and it's time for the two man sports shout.

  • Well, the crumpets are in boot camp and grandpas in the tens, which could only mean one thing.

  • We're shouting about soccer or as it's known here in America, the U.

  • S.

  • Women's national team.

  • We don't normally talk about soccer, but CBS just bought the rights to the Champions League.

  • So it's my new favorite sport.

  • Sorry, Sudoku.

  • I'm learning a lot about the beautiful game.

  • They say You can only use your feet, but I found a loophole.

  • Five.

  • Ah, very cool and incredibly painful.

  • Now let's preview the upcoming Champions League games up.

  • First, it's Real Madrid versus Manchester City.

  • It'll be a closely contested match, so it's a warm for both teams to kick the ball in the Nets.

  • That sound means you have to take our FIFA mandated orange slice break.

  • Now I won't get scurvy for a second time back to the food ball.

  • Next up, last year's Champions League finalist, Tottenham Hot Spur, will play the second leg of their tie against Oh boy, I want to say Roy g bib go German.

  • Rameau's good pick.

  • Well, that's it for this football edition of two man sports shop.

  • I'm birthday boy dearie.

  • Nana Fanta Pro.

  • Very weird to bring it up.

  • Now I said I was sorry.

  • I forgot.

  • Here's your present.

Welcome to CBS Sports.


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2人體育-喊。歐洲冠軍聯賽版 (2-Man Sport-Shout: Champions League Edition)

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