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  • [Crinkly wrapper plastic sounds]

  • Tesla, the electric car company, has a fairly unique lineup of branding accessories.

  • Yeah, they have the normal hats, shirts, and mugs, but also this desktop supercharger for

  • cell phones.

  • Costing $45, I had to buy it so we could take a closer look.

  • Let's get started.

  • [Intro]

  • A supercharger is a place where electric cars can go to charge up really fast.

  • Tesla says this is an exact miniature replica of the life sized versions.

  • They use the same 3D CAD data file from the life sized superchargers to make the desktop

  • cellphone version, precisely replicating every detail, curve and surface.

  • Unfortunately there are no instructions or diagrams in the box, so we're just going to

  • have to wing this one.

  • Initially I thought that this $45 accessory had some tech inside of it, but judging by

  • the lightweight and lack of documentation, I'm starting to think I was mistaken.

  • The white and red surface are both made from plastic.

  • The red lettering is not inlay-ed over the surface like the Tesla key card.

  • The plastic is actually built deep into the charger, like we saw on the Nintendo Switch

  • buttons.

  • Each of the red lettering is it's own solid chunk of plasticpretty quality stuff.

  • The silver side rails are made from metal.

  • [Scratching metal sounds.]

  • It's the same on both sides.

  • Down at the bottom of the supercharger we have a strip of double sided tape, probably

  • for mounting on a desk since this is a desktop charger.

  • But there's still no sign of technology.

  • The bottom gray plastic pops off after a brief struggle.

  • And then the top white slab of plastic is also able to come loose, revealing a whole

  • lot of nothing inside.

  • It turns out this whole thing is essentially just a model of a supercharger, and interestingly

  • enough, even at that $45 price point, it still makes you supply your own charging cable.

  • I have an extra braided cable lying around, so I'll wrap this inside the contraption.

  • It has a little indention up at the top where the tip of the cable can rest inside and keep

  • it from falling out.

  • In hindsight, a thinner non-braided cable would be easier to work with and probably

  • fit better inside the housing.

  • You can see how thick the red letters are that poke through the top outer white shell.

  • And the same thing goes for the other side with the red plastic resting inside for the

  • back lettering.

  • It's cool that Tesla went the extra mile for this plastic molding, and didn't just slap

  • some red vinyl stickers on top.

  • Thumbs up for the quality.

  • But that's also probably why this thing costs so much.

  • I'll wrap the cable around this plastic knob like we saw on the Nintendo Classic controllers,

  • and then run it through the metal side rails down to the bottom of the supercharger.

  • The metal rails have slits cut into the bottom that orient and hold it tight when the plastic

  • halves are in place.

  • The top of the white plastic slides in and clips down.

  • And the gray bottom piece of plastic has to slide over the whole charging cable and clips

  • on to the end, holding things tight...kind of like the cap on a stick of Old Spice.

  • They look almost the same.

  • It works though, as long as the other end of the charging cable is plugged into the

  • wall, it'll charge my phone.

  • It's a rather interesting decoration.

  • It's supercharging powers are homeopathic, maybe that's why it didn't come with any documentation.

  • But hey, it looks sweet and I'm down to support a company that I think is pretty cool, even

  • if it's only supercharging my quick charge with the placebo effect.

  • If you want one of these overpriced plastic models of your own, I'll leave a link for

  • them in the video description.

  • And also, Tesla just brought back their referral program, so if you end up buying an actual

  • Tesla with my link in the description, we both get 1,000 miles of free supercharging,

  • so thanks for that.

  • I'm probably going to take my charging cord out and just put this thing on a shelf for

  • decoration somewhere.

  • Come hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram.

  • And thanks a ton for watching.

  • I'll see you around.

[Crinkly wrapper plastic sounds]


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