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  • Caroline, thank you so much for joining us this morning.

  • And I bit this time last year you would never have expected to be called X factor Host.

  • Really, like emotionally said my goodbyes, X factor.

  • And it was a hard thing to do because I loved working on the show.

  • The only matters thing that did it for me that made me want to do it.

  • We were doing the same deal without each other.

  • No, no, I don't do everything I can.

  • One day, baby Ali and Caroline won't just be a TV couple.

  • Obviously, he's gotta go.

  • Yeah, but you don't think that will ever know My mom still does the most that I can.

  • You marry Ali.

  • Go on.

  • Be perfect.

  • What did you make when you first heard that Rita was leaving the voice to join X factor?

  • I was really pleased because actually, she had been on the X factor when I was doing extra factor as a guest judge, detective.

  • Then you do it and you don't know You lied to me.

  • And then it was announced.

  • I so I didn't find out till everyone found out.

  • Have you noticed a change in Simon this year because yeah, because obviously, he's with a much younger panel.

  • Now, I know this is the festival of work with Simon and that I was suddenly I got really nervous on my first day.

  • And I think my first question I asked him which I don't think made the show was.

  • So, uh, do you think after 12 years you've rinsed all the time in the UK And he went, What kind of question is that?

  • Yeah, what kind of questions?

  • That Caroline and then just turned his back.

  • But that's fine.

  • He just winds me up all the time.

  • He's got really It says you.

  • He's really funny now.

  • Got judge's houses for two.

  • So the first time this year it's gonna be live.

  • But you don't get to go to one of these amazing, sunny locations anymore.

  • No, we don't.

  • We have to hold it all together here in London, which is the first time they've ever done it, and it's actually gonna be the first of live TV that mean only day.

  • So it's not.

  • It's We're gonna be quite nervous, I think, but it's ambitious on it's gonna be different, and it's gonna be a lot of fun.

  • We've got a very exciting few weeks coming out, and I cannot wait for tomorrow's show.

  • But, Caroline, you're gonna be very busy, so get some sleep.

  • Okay?

  • Thank you so much for joining us this morning.

Caroline, thank you so much for joining us this morning.


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