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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now every month steam the platform where most of us get our PC games from conduct a survey to determine what sort of hardware its users have inside of their peces.

  • Now this is entirely optional, but apparently gives the company a good idea off, sort of what direction to go in or something like that.

  • Personally, I think they're just being a little bit nosey.

  • And I don't blame them because I myself always like to check out the hardware survey, which is publicly available to see what sort of trends there are in terms of what sort of graphics cards people are buying, what CP use people are buying, and all that information is available to everyone at the steam at the Steam Web at the steam website Now, of course, Among the most popular graphics cards are things like the Jew Ticks 10 60 10 50 T I on the Do Tick 7 50 TR is also still pretty high up a cz well in fifth or sixth place.

  • Now these choices of pretty obvious.

  • They're all popular cards in their own right.

  • But I prefer to check out what's at the bottom.

  • What sort of graphics?

  • Cars are not only in decline when it comes to how many people are using them but are actually still being used on what sort of percentage of people are actually running games with them.

  • So it's crawling to the very bottom of this list, and you'll find invidious GT 4 40 which is currently being used by no 0.15% off Steam PC gamers who took part in last month's hardware survey.

  • Although this is up a little bit from last month, I'm also pretty surprised to see cars from Emily's Radio HD 6800.

  • Siri's in second to last place here is well, but of course, that doesn't specify which exact card could it be the 68 50 or 68 70.

  • So our primary focus today isn't going to be with that.

  • Instead, I thought, it will be interesting to see what it's like to game on steams most unpopular graphics card.

  • Of course, this isn't fully representative of the entire PC gaming population is not everyone takes part in the steam hardware survey.

  • I just thought it would be a little bit of fun.

  • We've never tested the GT 4 40 before anyway.

  • So without further ado, let's get into some games and see how the most unpopular graphics card performs in a few modern titles.

  • So to give ourselves the best fighting chance, I thought it was only fair to use a Jew DDR five version of a GT 4 40 And not only that, but a one gigabyte card as opposed to a DDR three variant.

  • As you probably expected, the 4 40 can be found pretty cheaply secondhand but can also be quite hard to find.

  • In some countries, it's hard to say exactly why the 4 40 years at the bottom of this list, but someone has to come last, right?

  • Actually, the NVIDIA 9:30 a.m. is technically last, but that is a mobile GPU, and I wanted to focus on desktop components here.

  • First off, let's start with what you can play like Assassin's Creed three, for example, 900 p.

  • With the normal or lowest in game settings, we were able to achieve a plus 30 F.

  • P s average, which isn't too bad.

  • I remember buying this game on PlayStation three when it first came out six years ago, and it looked very similar to this.

  • I believe the consul version run at 7 20 p, so you will have a better experience here than you would on last.

  • Gen consoles.

  • If you're looking for a comparison 2000 thirteen's or for US PC Users 2000 fifteen's GT five, we'll also run on the 4 40 You'll have to turn things way down to 7 20 p and use the lowest in game settings, but doing so will net you a pretty respectable 40 plus F.

  • P s average.

  • During what I like to call my custom benchmark Gran or driving through the military base, avoiding system intensive explosions, the frame rate remains steady.

  • Throat and I could happily play this game using this GPU as you make your way into the busy suburbs and the city.

  • You can expect a slight variation in frame rates, but there won't be a massive drop.

  • The card will run at 99 or 100% a lot of the time, though, which is good in this case, because it means that what you see here is the absolute best that this card conduce.

  • It was time to move on to the more demanding stuff now.

  • And thanks to the Witcher threes, always deceiving Start menu.

  • I thought we were in for a playable ish experience, though jumping into combat or even just walking around the map revealed the true capabilities off the 4 41 024 by 768 resolution combined with the lowest graphical settings on post processing settings didn't really service all that well, but I think that was to be expected.

  • It wasn't as bad as far cry five, though, which proved quite the pain to run.

  • I will say here that I forgot to mess around with the resolution scaling modifier, so this was running at Native 7 20 p, but I don't think that would have made things too much better.

  • It certainly would have helped, but it would have ended up making everything a big pick, silly mess.

  • Hey, that's fine if you want to do whatever it takes to get a game running, but don't expect anywhere near 30 frames per second under any circumstances.

  • Montana still looks pretty good, though even at low settings and far Cry five remains one of my favorite games to release this year, even though I haven't really had a chance to play much else yet.

  • Now Battlefield one will creep ever so slightly closer to that 30 f PS threshold here, which was quite surprising.

  • To be honest, I did get an initial warning that my graphics card was below the minimum requirements, followed by a game breaking start menu glitch that forced me to use a controller instead of a traditional keyboard and mouse.

  • But once we were past, the stuttering and flickering in the game had loaded up into the first mission.

  • The experience was honestly, not all that bad.

  • I've certainly used worst cards on ones that definitely more deserving of bottom place in steams popularity contest time to test a couple of battle royal games.

  • Now, starting with pub G 7 20 p with 70% resolution.

  • Scaling as well was the low in game settings.

  • We saw an average frame rate that hovered around the mid twenties.

  • These were the games lowest setting, so there is no improving this figure without, of course, modifying perhaps the eye in our files.

  • But there were actually some instances, like inside buildings, for example, where that frame rate peaked above 30 still, which probably not ideal experience for an online competitive shooter.

  • But it's not as bad as some of you may have thought.

  • Fortnight, on the other hand, well, that maintained at least 30 F.

  • B.

  • S.

  • Most of the time, everything was set to low here, and the resolution was sent to 7 20 p Once again, I'm surprised this game ran this well, because although it doesn't look all that great graphics wise, its use of the unrelenting Jin doesn't mean some GP use and CPU struggled quite a lot over all to the North, 0.16% of you steam uses out less still rocking the duty for 40.

  • You'll be pleased to know that just because you're at the bottom of the popularity list, you don't own the worst card out there, especially when it's still supports.

  • Direct text.

  • 11.

  • Sorry, direct text 12.

  • In fact, remember, this video is just a bit of fun, and I have no way of telling what is the least used card among the entire PC gaming community.

  • But it'll be interesting to see whether this one moves up or down the list as we move into October.

  • So there we have it.

  • Thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video lever, like on it.

  • If you didn't leave a dislike on it, subscribe to the channel If you haven't done so already.

  • Let me know if you own a duty for 40 down below in the comments and hopefully I'll see you all in the next one.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.


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