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  • In addition to the topics discussed in our first two videosthe subject of refugees is one of the core issues for understanding the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

    除了我在前兩部影片中所談到的主題外… 「難民」議題也是以巴衝突中的一項焦點。

  • Who are the refugees?


  • Why, more than 60 years later, is this still an issue?


  • Let’s look at the facts


  • Sohow did it all begin?

    所以… 是怎麼發生的呢?

  • In May 1948, the local Arab population was joined by 7 Arab countries in a collective attempt to destroy the newly re-established Jewish state.


  • Encouraged by Arab leaders, who promised they would return as victors, and later on, as a result of their failed war effortsan estimated 500,000 Arabs fled to neighboring Arab territories

    這些人受到阿拉伯領導人鼓動,並承諾他們將榮耀返國,然而由於出師未捷... 估計有五十萬阿拉伯人逃到鄰近的阿拉伯領土。 

  • But is this the full picture?


  • I'd like you to take a look at the refugees in these photos.


  • Many people assume they are Arab refugeesfleeing Israel.

    許多人認為他們是阿拉伯難民… 逃出以色列。

  • But in fact, they are innocent Jewish refugeesforced out of Arab countries!

    但事實上,這些是無辜的猶太難民… 從阿拉伯國家中強制驅離!

  • THIS map tells the FULL story:


  • There were FAR more Jewish refugees than Arab refugees.


  • Over 850,000 Jews, from ancient Jewish communities predating Islam and the Arab occupation of the Middle East, were forced out of their homes.

    有超過85萬猶太人,在伊斯蘭教及阿拉伯人佔領中東前,就於古時世居於此地, 但此刻卻被迫離開家園。

  • Jews were stripped of their citizenship in many countries and their property was confiscated.


  • In contrast, 160,000 Arabs ACCEPTED Israel's offer TO REMAIN, and today there are more than one million Israeli-Arab citizens with full equal-rights, living in Israel.


  • Now here's a question:


  • Have you heard of any Jewish refugee camps?


  • … I didn't think so.


  • The Jewish refugees were immediately welcomed and absorbed by Israel or by other nations.


  • Then why, after more than 60 years, are the Arab-Palestinian- refugees still NOT welcomed and absorbed among their own brethren?


  • And how could their numbers have grown from 500,000 to 4.7 million?


  • The sad reality is that the Arab refugees never had a chance.


  • Attempts at resettlement were blocked by a variety of discriminatory laws enacted in Arab countries such as:


  • A ban on receiving citizenshipwith the exception of Jordan


  • blocking them FROM ENTERING MANY professions


  • Restrictions on owning land


  • Restrictions on movement


  • and a Denial of education and health services.


  • Sir Alexander Galloway, a former director of the UN refugee agency in Jordan, gave the reason for this discrimination:


  • quote: "…the Arab nations do not want to solve the Arab refugee problem. They want to keep it as an open soreas a weapon against Israel."

    引述「…這些阿拉伯國家並不想解決阿拉伯難民問題。 他們讓此事保持有如無法痊癒的傷口...用來當做對付以色列的武器。」"

  • Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser explained the effect of this "weapon"  aimed at overwhelming Israel demographically -with generations of refugees cultivated to hate:

    埃及總統 加麥爾·阿卜杜勒·納什 曾解釋這個「武器」的威力,目的是要顛覆以色列的人口數 - 並教育後代的難民憎恨以色列:

  • quote: “If the refugees return to Israel, Israel will cease to exist.”


  • And what role did the United Nations play? Sadly, they were less than helpful

    而聯合國在此事上的態度呢? 很不幸的,他們只幫了倒忙…

  • While all refugees in the world are assisted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR,


  • …a separate agencyUNRWA- was established specifically for the Palestinians.


  • Why can't the Palestinian refugees share an agency with the refugees of Bosnia, Congo or Darfur? To name a few


  • The answer is, because while the United Nation's central refugee agency- helps refugees resettle, The United Nation's Palestinian refugee agency helps perpetuate their status by applying unique criteria.

    答案是, 聯合國的中央難民署機構是為了幫助難民安頓,而聯合國的巴勒斯坦難民署則是為了要永續他們的難民地位,因而建立了一個特別的標準。

  • For example:


  • Refugees lose their status after receiving citizenship from a recognized countryPalestinian refugees do not.


  • Refugees cannot transmit their status from generation to generationPalestinian refugees can.

    難民身分不能傳與後代 –但巴勒斯坦的難民卻可以。

  • Refugees are encouraged to resettle in other countries or integrate in their host countriesUNRWA, avoids such policies

    一般難民都被鼓勵前往他國安家立命,融入當地–而 UNRWA, 卻拒絕這種政策。

  • The United Nations spends on a single Palestinian refugee almost 3 times more than on a non-Palestinian refugeeand employs over 30 times the staff.


  • The bottom line is:


  • Throughout the 20th century the UN found durable solutions for tens of millions of refugees, while the Palestinian refugee agency has foundwellnone.

    綜觀二十世紀,聯合國為數以千萬計的難民找到安身立家之處,而巴勒斯坦的難民機構… 卻是… 一事無成。

  • Some people may suggest this is hypocrisy


  • Let me share something personal


  • My father's family was forced out of Algeriathey, and another 600,000 Jews from Arab states, resettled in Israel.


  • History has proven that resettlement and integration helped tens of millions of refugees, during the 20th century, reclaim their lives.


  • Howeverthe Palestinian refugees are trapped between Arab leaders unwilling to accept their brothers and UN agencies who do not apply equal and universal principals to all refugees.


  • Is this just?


In addition to the topics discussed in our first two videosthe subject of refugees is one of the core issues for understanding the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

除了我在前兩部影片中所談到的主題外… 「難民」議題也是以巴衝突中的一項焦點。


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