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  • Coming together to remember a remarkable woman, Madame Yueh-Lan Wang, the leaders of Taiwan's political and business

  • communities, family and friends. They came for a special ceremony of remembrance for

  • the matriarch of the Wang family, and the first lady of the Formosa Plastics Group,

  • affectionately known as Big Mother. President Ma Ying-Jeou bestowed on Yueh-Lan, a Presidential

  • Citation, in recognition of her role in toiling arduously at her husband's side

  • in establishing FPG, in so doing helping the economic development of Taiwan. As the highest

  • honor Taiwan can give to one of its citizens, it was accepted by Dr. Winston Wong, eldest

  • son of Y.C. Wang. Marrying YC Wang while both were teenagers, Yueh-Lan was YC Wang's only

  • legal wife, and she devoted herself to her husband's business ambitions and their shared

  • dream of happiness together, becoming his lifelong partner for 73 years, until his death

  • in 2008. In a moving tribute Dr. Winston Wong described Yueh-Lan as a steadfast beacon of

  • light who was strong, courageous and an eternal optimist.

  • Dr. Wong recalled how Yueh-Lan befriended his birth mother, Yang Chiao, and

  • treated her children as her own, growing up in a household that was full of love and sharing.

  • Leading the service was the Reverend Weng

  • Hsiu Kung, who baptized Yueh-Lan into the Christian faith decades ago. He remembered

  • Sister Yueh-Lan as being a quiet, honest, and extraordinary woman of few words.

  • In all the eulogies and reminiscences of Yueh-Lan, her generosity of spirit and humility were constant themes.

  • Through her lifelong commitment to others and the example

  • of sacrifice she set has become in many ways a Big Mother

  • to an entire nation. The leaders who have gathered here today are a testament to that.

  • The same Presidential citation was bestowed upon Y.C. Wang upon his death in 2008 an honor accepted by Dr.

  • Wong on that occasion also. The Citation now for Yueh-Lan, secures her legacy as one of

  • Taiwan s great unsung heroes. And this service re-affirmed her special place in the hearts

  • of all those who knew and loved her and were loved by her in boundless measure.

Coming together to remember a remarkable woman, Madame Yueh-Lan Wang, the leaders of Taiwan's political and business


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臺塑集團創辦人王月蘭女士追思會精彩片段 (Highlights of Memorial Service of Madam Yueh-Lan Wang, Formosa Plastics Group Founding Mother)

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