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  • the novel Corona virus is starting to take a toll on the business sector.

  • But economic managers say it's really the tourism industry that should watch out thes air, taking extra measures to prevent the further spread of the novel Corona virus by expanding travel bans and tightening security imports.

  • While this gives a sigh of relief for some, the move has put some businesses at risk.

  • Businessman fear that the fourth in the quarantine on vessels carrying goods could result in losses add to the damages of the deferment of business conferences.

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  • But should the outbreak worsen and extend until December 2020 the National Economic Development Authority projects that it will then growth by seven cents off a percentage point.

  • This compares to estimates by the central bank, which begs economic impact by 3/10 of a percentage point in the first half.

  • But in an interview with the Chiefs, socio Economic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia said the disease outbreak will take a much greater toll on the travel industry, with Chinese stories being the second biggest group of foreign visitors in the country after Korea.

  • Our travel and tourism industry, I think, accounts for about 3.5% for GDP.

  • Yes, so that will that will be there will be some hit.

  • Also, we're going to get from the reduction in two recent travel.

  • But the decline in foreign travel may be a boon for domestic tourists, and the hotel send planes might be offering more Ramos lower prices and that can encourage domestic duties.

  • The secretary, Ramon Lopez, also said the ankle the outbreak in Wuhan will have little effect on the country's overall trade relations with China.

  • If you cannot get your supply from Kobe or one, you will have alternative sources anyway, so that our operations here are activity will not be affected.

  • Eso so therefore that will hurt there, minimize their impact, according to the D.

the novel Corona virus is starting to take a toll on the business sector.


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受旅行禁令、更嚴格的港口限制影響的企業。 (Businesses affected by travel ban, tighter port restrictions)

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