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  • to do great research, you have to know what a good idea is.

  • Know what an ideas often starts with just the germ of the idea, but knowing that that's a little insight, that little nuance and be able to see the implications of that German idea is, I think, a rare talent.

  • But it's, you know, the key to being a successful academic.

  • It's a key to being a promising PhD student.

  • Yeah, the great ideas are the great questions you have toe have ideas that you want to go out there and examine.

  • So my research right now is focusing on the size of the financial sector and how the financial sector is helping or not the overall economy.

  • I do a combination of theory and empirical work.

  • Before I came to HBs, I used to work for Morgan Stanley, initially as an investment banker and then later is a research analyst.

  • In the morning, I often stop at Harvard Square on my way to the business gold.

  • So currently I'm looking at the open innovation.

  • This is one of the first empirical studies that focuses on how open innovation influences organizations and their R and D process So from the day you started HBs, you're working with an advisor.

  • Kathleen again is my primary adviser study into a two by two design.

  • She's great, that giving constructive criticism that moves me forward in my research.

  • And I really appreciate that because research projects they're sort of like a marathon loans.

  • You need perseverance to get there.

  • The research is absolutely central to the work of the school, because what when people come here become not just to hear what was true 20 years ago, they want to find out how is the world changing, what did the ideas they're gonna influence the world that I'm gonna inhabit as a business leader.

  • And it's that restlessness about thinking hard about where business should be going.

  • That is the heart of what the researchers that we do here at Harvard Business School.

  • Sociology of science is not a common perspective.

  • No healers work at NASA is the first time researchers have explored the impact of community based innovation on incumbent firms.

  • He loves research, has a breakthrough potential new innovation and organization has White takes really vigorous bulletproof methodology to convince skeptics that the data is actually really so one of the great things about the program here.

  • The resource is you have drawing across school boundaries and across different departments and faculty members conditioning.

  • Anything here came from Wall Street, where he had worked on projects that had research dimensions to them.

  • I split my time between here at the business school and going over to little where the economics department is based.

  • Welcome to the flare up.

  • Today's study booby about the investment decisions you will play the role of investment adviser be are studying gender differences and competitive uncooperative behavior.

  • All of my research is experimental, so it's really nice to have colleagues that become also my friends think of the beginning is really important.

  • And then you can explain how you got sick and bounds research years and method challenges.

  • So it's really nice living on campus.

  • At the end of the day, I pick up my boys from day care, and then we walked back home.

  • I really love being in Cambridge.

  • I'm definitely a city girl.

  • I finished my degree This year.

to do great research, you have to know what a good idea is.


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