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  • Whether she’s describing bickering families,


  • quiet declarations of love,


  • or juicy gossip,


  • Jane Austen’s writing often feels as though it was written just for you.

    珍奧斯汀的作品通常都會讓你 感覺到它根本是為你個人寫的。

  • Her dry wit and cheeky playfulness informs her heroines,

    她冷靜的機智和大膽的玩笑, 讓她的女主角很有特色,

  • whose conversational tone welcomes readers with a conspiratorial wink.

    女主角的對談語調,似乎在用 心有靈犀的方式來歡迎讀者。

  • It’s even been said that some readers feel like the author’s secret confidante,

    甚至有人說,有些讀者覺得 自己像是作者的秘密知己,

  • trading letters with their delightfully wicked friend Jane.


  • But this unique brand of tongue-in-cheek humor

    但,這種獨特的招牌, 也就是玩笑式的幽默,

  • is just one of the many feats found in her sly satires


  • of society, civility, and sweeping romance.

    她會諷刺社會、禮儀, 以及徹底的浪漫。

  • Written in the early nineteenth century,

    奧斯汀寫小說的時期 是十九世紀初,

  • Austen's novels decode the sheltered lives


  • of the upper classes in rural England.


  • From resentment couched in pleasantries


  • to arguing that masks attraction,


  • her work explores the bewildering collision of emotions and etiquette.

    她的作品探討情緒和禮節抵觸時, 那讓人困惑的衝突。

  • But while romance is a common thread in her work,

    雖然在她的作品中 浪漫愛情是常見的故事線,

  • Austen dismissed the sentimental style of writing so popular at the time.

    奧斯汀完全不考慮採用當時 很流行的多愁善感式寫作風格。

  • Instead of lofty love stories,


  • her characters act naturally, and often awkwardly.


  • They trade pragmatic advice, friendly jokes

    他們會交換務實的建議、 友善的笑話,

  • and not-so-friendly barbs about their arrogant peers.

    在談論自大的同儕時, 也會用上不太友善的譏刺言語。

  • As they grapple with the endless rules of their society,

    當奧斯汀的角色在努力解決 社會中沒完沒了的規則時,

  • Austen’s characters can usually find humor


  • in all the hypocrisy, propriety, and small talk.

    在各種偽善、得體舉止, 和閒聊中都有著幽默。

  • As Mr. Bennet jokes to his favorite daughter,

    如同班奈特先生對他最愛的 女兒開玩笑時所說的:

  • For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors

    「我們人生的目的是什麼? 不就是捉弄我們的鄰居,

  • and laugh at them in our turn?”


  • And though her heroines might ridicule senseless social mores,

    雖然她的女主角可能會 揶揄無理的社會習俗,

  • Austen fully understood the practical importance of maintaining appearances.

    但奧斯汀完全了解 維持外表的實際重要性。

  • At the time she was writing,


  • a wealthy marriage was a financial necessity for most young women,

    在財務面來說,多數年輕女性 仍然覺得嫁個有錢人是必要的,

  • and she often explores the tension between the mythical quest for love,


  • and the economic benefits of making a match.

    和考量經濟利益而在一起, 這兩種選擇之間的緊張關係。

  • The savvy socialite Mary Crawford sums this up in "Mansfield Park;"

    在《曼斯菲爾德莊園》中,精明的 社會名流瑪莉克勞佛這樣總結:

  • “I would have everybody marry if they can do it properly:


  • I do not like to have people throw themselves away.”


  • Unsurprisingly, these themes were also present in Austen’s personal life.

    不意外,這些主題也出現在 奧斯汀自己的人生中。

  • Born in 1775,

    她生於 1775 年,

  • she lived in the social circles found in her novels.

    在她的小說中能看到 她所生活的社交圈。

  • Jane's parents supported her education,


  • and provided space for her to write and publish her work anonymously.

    給她空間寫作, 讓她能匿名出版她的作品。

  • But writing was hardly lucrative work.

    但寫作實在算不上是 會賺大錢的工作。

  • And although she had sparks of chemistry,

    雖然她曾經歷過 感情的火花,

  • she never married.


  • Elements of her circumstances can be found in many of her characters;

    在她的許多角色身上都可以找到 她真實生活情境中的元素:

  • often intelligent women with witty, pragmatic personalities,

    通常這些角色是睿智的女性, 有著機智、務實的個性,

  • and rich inner lives.


  • These headstrong heroines provide an entertaining anchor

    這些任性的女主角 很有娛樂性,可以撐起

  • for their tumultuous romantic narratives.


  • Like the irreverent Elizabeth Bennet of "Pride and Prejudice,"

    就像《傲慢與偏見》中 無禮的伊麗莎白班奈特,

  • whose devotion to her sisterslove lives blinds her to a clumsy suitor.


  • Or the iron-willed Anne Elliot of "Persuasion,"

    或是《勸導》中 意志堅強的安妮埃利奧特,

  • who chooses to remain unmarried after the disappearance of her first love.

    在她的初戀對象消失之後, 她選擇不要結婚。

  • And Elinor Dashwood,

    還有非常保護家人的 埃利諾道施伍德,

  • who fiercely protects her family at the cost of her own desires


  • in "Sense and Sensibility."


  • These women all encounter difficult choices


  • about romantic, filial, and financial stability,

    關於愛情、孝道, 以及財務穩定的選擇,

  • and they resolve them without sacrificing their values

    且在解決時,她們並沒有 犧牲自己的價值觀——

  • or their sense of humor.


  • Of course, these characters are far from perfect.


  • They often think they have all the answers.


  • And by telling the story from their perspective,


  • Austen tricks the viewer into believing their heroine knows best

    這樣就能欺騙讀者, 相信這些女主角是最懂的人——

  • only to pull the rug out from under the protagonist and the reader.

    之後再釜底抽薪, 拆了主要角色和讀者的台。

  • In "Emma," the titular character feels surrounded by dull neighbors,

    在《愛瑪》中的愛瑪覺得 自己身邊都是無趣的鄰居,

  • and friends who can’t hope to match her wit.


  • As her guests prattle on and on about nothing,

    當她的客人閒扯半天 又吐不出象牙時,

  • the reader begins to agree


  • Emma is the only exciting character in this quiet neighborhood.

    在這安靜的鄰里中, 艾瑪是唯一能讓人興奮的角色。

  • Yet despite her swelling ego,


  • Emma may not be as in control as she thinksin life or love.

    她可能沒有自己 想像的那麼能掌控——不論是在人生上或愛情上。

  • And Austen’s intimate use of perspective


  • makes these revelations doubly surprising,


  • blindsiding both Emma and her audience.


  • But rather than diminishing her host of heroines,

    但,這些瑕疵並沒有 貶損她的女主角們,

  • these flaws only confirmthe inconsistency of all human characters.”

    反而只是確認了 「所有人類角色的不一致性」。

  • Their complexity has kept Austen prominent on stage and screen,

    這些角色的複雜度,讓奧斯汀 在舞台上和銀幕上都很搶眼,

  • and made her work easily adaptable for modern sensibilities.


  • So hopefully,


  • new readers will continue to find a friend in Ms. Austen


  • for many years to come.


Whether she’s describing bickering families,



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