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  • got on Avoid us are generally holiday should relegate the load Gotta be someone able to go today You know what we should get out?

  • And the government abajo charge started acting really followed They should really get loaded.

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  • I'm not looking for trouble.

  • Can I get you out of the Jupiter column until a candle?

  • Riga majestically night Thinking really can't handle a eagle.

  • Morally.

  • Cardona Contestant Liberty They eager Mercury gave Corona sunk or stick it in the 13 additional.

  • Yeah, that America, We should've been irritating.

  • Get there.

  • What?

  • Quit tickling Cardona.

  • What did you do that you gotta forget about that?

  • Get get!

  • Get your game on your way.

  • Tell him the jacket on both sides of the Nuggets.

  • But I don't want you to be someone on the record contracted amount on things today.

  • Human ecology, Part of the magic again.

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  • Where is everyone?

  • They're elegant.

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  • Look around, Erica That that you could say that the longer another war we're taking you to get the area will have the Tiago Day political separates the contamination A very particular Gomulka Khurana.

  • Where's Mallika today?

  • There wasn't a very, uh, very good bar.

  • Rabban.

  • Khurana whether they're models are not that everyone addition to the Laker.

  • What additional?

  • I'm not gonna get Corona.

  • What?

  • I really want to end, Linda.

  • Horrible, Terrible or no?

  • We started Miracle some local control Marble Who?

  • Quadriga Holiday.

  • Chinna Partick Tiago Miso Not Hagen.

  • Can't.

  • Remarkable.

  • In addition, the Korea Italians, they generally the Africa Corps unaware that they got here.

  • But we can't get a date with Magarri.

  • Couldn't believe it or not.

  • He Ramona to get pulled in a bar where they're going to be a part of the magical Cartagena Corona, where they started the contract.

  • Basically get a lot smarter than they are traveling.

  • I can guarantee today rather difficult getting a work card, Anwar and a part of the narcotics unit you want to tell you in a Panama.

  • Thank you.

  • Think the Gina basically that barbeque.

  • God is the God of the dead.

  • We should identify Corona suckers to Petey enough for a servant to harm our non stick about in the Hawkeye Lag taiga jacket of Evita arts particularly hit.

got on Avoid us are generally holiday should relegate the load Gotta be someone able to go today You know what we should get out?


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B1 中級 武漢肺炎 新型冠狀病毒 新冠肺炎 COVID-19

為應對冠狀病毒,宣佈對伊朗、意大利和韓國實施簽證限制。 (Visa Restrictions Announced Affecting Iran, Italy And South Korea In Response To Coronavirus)

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