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  • I'm Junior White.

  • Hi, I'm Julian.

  • Over.

  • I took drama business and sociology.

  • I took art on Drama is my A Level subjects along with being a part of the charm in town football sport.

  • I took drama traveling, tourism and sociology, chemistry, maths, English language studied sociology, dons distinctions.

  • I got to seize my subjects.

  • See merits.

  • I am going to the University of Business.

  • My next steps is now to go to University of South Wales on to pursue, you know, Korea in hopefully the Performing Arts University of Warrick to study chemistry with industrial placement.

  • I'm off to the University of Portsmouth study childhood.

  • I'm going off to look for hope.

  • Stood the criminology route with foundation.

  • My highlights academy were becoming the head Students taking part in the production will be in head.

  • Student has gotta be one of the top ones.

  • I think that's too many for building a table sculptor in the study room.

  • Also getting style role of John Ma John was definitely a big part of my of my time here since academy being apart the champ in town squad as well.

  • Like being known as the one to do drama on football building, a table structure productions drama Stop.

  • You know it's last minute revised early.

  • Don't do my steak.

  • Don't leave until year 13.

  • Voice now.

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Revised on again.

  • Always believing if you find a course that you want and you think you will not get in always a foundation I have been given a lot of support from, Well, it's advice about universities and teachers.

  • It couldn't have done any more.

  • Help me without school.

  • Revision of all the teachers did bicycle and helped my career choices.

I'm Junior White.


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A2 初級

2019年A級成績查詢日 (2019 A Level Results Day)

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