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  • I wanted to do a name association with some of those incredible actors that you that you worked on Potter with.

  • Okay, continue to work with, um, first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Emma Watson.

  • Small Rupert Grint.

  • Um, funny Maggie Smith.

  • Um, sharp as a knife in her in a wonderful way.

  • Sorry, but like, yeah, she's, like, tough on dhe like that quick wit, like was I said to her one morning.

  • I was like, Maggie, did you see this thing in the sun and said, No, I don't read the sun God, Alan Rickman.

  • Um um um generous Richard Harris.

  • Ah, the first thing that comes to mind is Phoenix exposed because of there was one moment where that Fox the animatronic Phoenix in the second film, the guys that were operating it, uh, Richard thought it was a real bird on git.

  • Had a camera in it.

  • So they could, so he would go up to it and the guys outside would see him, and so they would start making it react.

  • And he always for the entire scene, always thought it was a real word.

  • Michael Gambon no, out of control.

  • Funny.

  • Just Matt in a great way again.

  • Just like a narc.

  • It That's what I say from Michael.

  • Did you, um, speaking of double doors, Did you find out that dumbbell door was gay when the rest of us stood?

  • Or was that something that was discussed now it would No, no, it was when the rest of it, when the rest of the world and as well and we will end up mom.

  • Michael was delighted by the news because he was he was really camping up around set then after that, Um, but, um, he, uh yeah, I remember that.

  • I remember the hilarious reaction that my favorite reaction of there was some, I guess super homophobe to to have had a massive Dumbledore tattoo on his back who was, like, really angry about it, which I was like, Yeah, that's that's right.

  • Um, when Richard Harris passed away in 2002.

  • You 13 years old, I guess.

  • Um, was that probably your first experience with someone you knew who died?

  • Yeah.

  • Really, was I remember it was Ah, it was, like, devastating.

  • I was so sad.

  • Um, I think I think you're pretty much right.

  • It was.

  • It was I've never known a person that had died before, so yeah, that was it was crazy.

  • But I just I feel like looking back, it is one of the things you just have to just go.

  • I'm so lucky to have worked with him to be able to say, you know, it's an amazing thing to be able to say now, but, you know, at the end of my life, when when the films he made were gonna be true, like parts of history, a lot of them it's just gonna be uncredible thing to be ableto say that I worked with him and that he was just lovely and to me, And, you know, I've spent some time within the, you know, we're not, like, close close.

  • But is granddaughter Ella who's also like a wonderful, wonderful person and, like, yeah, nobody's His whole family was really incredibly sweet to me at that time, you know, I was I was evolved a little bit in a memorial service for him, and they were just incredibly Yeah, just kind of warm.

  • Um, right back to the name's Helena Bonham Carter.

  • Um uh, nuts and fabulous like I'm Yeah, I love her.

  • Ray finds, um, genuinely intimidating.

  • Like, um, remember, like when I was 15.

  • Doing scenes with Ray for the first time was like, Yeah, that was MME.

  • Or that he was even scarier than Alan was first.

  • Like he was.

  • I was Because Alan Rickman was super intimidating stuff with us.

  • Well, but then you saw, like, uh, you get a butt rape flight races.

  • Yeah, genuinely scared me for a few years.

  • So he was perfectly cast.

  • Yeah, I'd like to do.

  • Like, I imagine it would be a very different experience one day if we were doing, like, a light comedy together.

  • But, yeah, it was It was It was interesting and again, hell of a learning experience to work with him.

I wanted to do a name association with some of those incredible actors that you that you worked on Potter with.


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