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  • since their break up with Austin Butler.

  • It seems like Vanessa Hudgens has been thriving, according to her Instagram account.

  • But now we're hearing that the actress actually thought her break up with her boyfriend of nine years was temporary.

  • Here is everything we know about this story.

  • I'm Gabby Conti.

  • I'm Jenna Rosenberg, and this is hot on the wire.

  • So it's been a week since when has hundreds and Austin Butler officially broke up.

  • The actress seems to be living her best life on Instagram, posting thirst, traps left and right where she looks hands down, amazing and even going on a date with Laker player Kyle Kuzma.

  • But apparently according to eight low source to the actress Hodgins saw her split from Butler was just a break and not a brick.

  • Uh oh, I hate it when that happened.

  • Sis makes me sad for her.

  • Also kind of creates a little bit of false hope, because now you're like, Oh, that's why she was posting all those photos because she went from, like, not posting a lot to like hyper posting almost, and it's like, Oh, she's doing it So he sees what he's missing and so he'll come back to her, not because she's fine.

  • Being single, right?

  • I knew the thirst traps came from somewhere.

  • You don't just thirst traps or no, I am happy to know, though, that ST that sound like they didn't end on bad terms, right?

  • Because the other way, she would be posting the thirst trap because he did something wrong and she wants to show him I'm better off without you.

  • So it seems like I thought it was a mutual rape, but it was really a breakup for producing basically what's happening.

  • A source really close to Vanessa.

  • They told Radar online that Hodgins still deeply cares for Butler and thought it was the best way to save their relationship was to let him go.

  • Which makes sense.

  • You probably know that classic phrase.

  • If you love something, let it go.

  • If it comes back, it's yours.

  • It's not.

  • It wasn't meant to be so I guess during this time Vanessa is testing.

  • It was meant to be.

  • That is so true, I thought, since they broke up because of these, two will find their way back together.

  • Nine years is such a long time.

  • But at the same time, some people just grow apart, even in adulthood.

  • Yeah, and especially in your twenties and going into your thirties that time you go through so much change.

  • I don't know how couples that have been together since their teens stay through adulthood together because I feel like you become like three or four different people.

  • The same source who's close to the former couple went on to explain that Hodgins thought their break up was temporary.

  • She thought they would just be on a break, and then he had missed her and he'd come back.

  • But the more time passes, I think Vanessa's worried that he won't.

  • I don't think his focus is to be in a committed relationship at the moment, the source told Heike Sighs.

  • A heartbreaking.

  • It is heartbreaking.

  • But at the same time, people change during relationships and the key to any relationship is being on the same page, so her pages to get him back in his pages to focus on him.

  • It's not gonna work out, so we hold that they're both happy and they're getting what they want and, you know, to be honest, yes, Vanessa, she's been really active on instagram post split.

  • We saw her celebrating Valentine's Day as single and apparently loving it with my girlfriends and some pizza.

  • And then the same time.

  • She's also just crushing red carpets left Friday from the premiere of Bad Boys and also the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

  • And in addition, of all the things she's doing, she also just launched her own YouTube channel.

  • Kind of like our ex.

  • Zac Ephron has a YouTube channel.

  • On the other hand, Awesome is keeping a very low social media profile.

  • He's had only one post on Instagram since their split, but he is actually super busy filming.

  • Recently, it was announced that he will be an untitled Elvis Presley project where he will be playing a little presently, and this project is directed by balls.

  • Lurman, you might remember, is the same director that kind brought Leonardo DiCaprio into superstardom for Romeo and Julie at Google Austin Butler.

  • The thing that comes up is Vanessa Hudgens.

  • So perhaps this break could also be for Austin, just kind of wanting to establish himself on his own, which you can't argue that either.

  • I think this is his time again.

  • I don't know details about.

  • There's split.

  • What's going on there?

  • But I'm rooting for both.

  • Think this is his time?

  • This could be her time to, you know, only positive things, Only positive things.

  • And I think things are gonna be great for the two of them separately.

  • This time is hard, and we're sending love to both of them because breakups are never easy.

  • So what you guys think about Austin and Vanessa?

  • Will they get back together or are they better off our Let us know what you guys think.

  • I'm Jenna Rosenberg.

  • I'm Gabby Conti and keep it here on Holly Weir for your celebrity connection.

since their break up with Austin Butler.


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