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  • Hello.

  • Matthew looks here again on Alfie, but you may remember from when you was little bit.

  • Anyway, we're gonna sing a solo from Les Miserables, which we're gonna be in.

  • I mean it from the 23rd of June until September 10th.

  • On your neck longer.

  • I'm actually doing eight shows a week, not six.

  • You Well, well, profession different.

  • But anyway, we're missing a song called The Confrontation.

  • We've got a real enough carrier conversion on and I'm gonna keep the words up because it's quite ready and probably go wrong.

  • This isn't by the way.

  • So I sing in the show.

  • You do I do in the actual person who has been cast for it, right?

  • What you say?

  • Well, he's good.

  • You're saying Hadley's place your plan?

  • May.

  • It was okay.

  • That's good.

  • No, don't say I sing it unless the room so I can get the right.

  • Wait.

  • Listen to me very something.

  • Time this'll leave.

  • That is not be looking into sea.

  • I think you like You can see.

  • Oh, wait.

  • No way.

  • Wait.

  • See, cameras, Mr.

  • Trick.

  • Don't give me that.

  • It really has.

  • I think she wants to give me about that.

  • D'oh!



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