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  • your mum.

  • I feel like God, but I hit the deck like the cartel.

  • My whole squad's in here, walking around the party, a cross between a zombie apocalypse bringing in which is the same reason with Rayna.

  • Say, Decent jump considering sleeping get a D a c Hydroxycut came a life in the sand like a play date Minute vacate Creature like a cake Made a thing.

  • This is Craig Ray J.

  • J J J J.

  • Met all the way to the bank on spring claims they cannot tame a placate the heart You get way normal during the day, but I do onstage when the moon shines like Ice Road Trucker.

  • I loathe balls, Just appalled.

  • It's so many things that piss them off.

  • It's impossible, Mr.

  • Vault, this time in a mental hospital with a crystal ball.

  • Kind of see what every like this tomorrow.

  • But don't bust his whisper This this ball back against the wall, pencil drawn.

  • This is just a song to go ballistic on.

  • You just pulled a pistol on the guy with a missile launcher.

  • La tele bitch!

  • You off like 1/5 of vodka when you twist the top of the bottle you wear normal during the day, but an I d o when the moon shines like guys world trucker I loathe you never gave a region him because I'm about the same trip vacation plans one point.

  • Like my index, you live again from the fucking finger finger.

  • I have all these perspire, like a liar handsome on fire.

  • And I got no plans to retire.

  • And I'm still the man you would My chicks assassin.

  • I only get more handsome and fly.

  • I got him passing out Like what you do when you hand someone flyers What goes around comes around just like the blades on the chainsaw Caught the flag But my dollars stacked right off the bed like a baseball kidding It's like that with so much ease that they did Because I make bands and not call getting cheese a kickball.

  • I'm a player.

  • The share won't even let you in here and even pretending to care.

  • But tell the pitch of Mary of should bury your face in my genital area The original Richard Ramirez Christopher back Smothers never sit well so they want to give me the chance Like a pair of police chicken.

  • It's Carrie calling Harry characters every time and Dick and Harry Carey and marry a motherfucking dictionary on.

  • I'm swearing up and down That could fit.

  • This shit's hilarious.

  • It's time to put these bitches get Actuary column.

  • We wouldn't see eye staring Problem with heavy pack.

  • Keep backing people half of the bad meat people.

  • That means take a back seat to get back to phat beats with a Mexican single book of my rap sheet would attacks these people.

  • That's my gangster bitch like Apache with a catchy jingle us that keeps your better half filled with venom and eliminating other words of enemy no matter what our embodiment of veneration murder to get the money elevated, the bodies in the lake obliterating everything is innovative.

  • And again, I'm gonna make anybody want with different Everybody wanted.

  • But they're gonna get it anyway to get into it like a man of the elements of kill or be killed.

  • The killer bee, the vanilla gorilla You bring in the killer with me, Adam, You wanna be the enemy of the demon and winning me being receiving enemy was defeated again to be every bit of media people spit it when I'm in the vicinity.

  • Motherfucker, you better duck.

  • He's gonna be dead the minute you run into me.

  • 100% was a 50% of me about to become available.

  • You want a battle?

  • I'm available in love with an inflatable undebatable them unavoidable.

  • I'm unavailable.

  • I'm on the toilet.

  • But I gotta tell you all the money in a beautiful man stuff.

  • Look what I'm planning.

your mum.


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