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  • under from old ways.

  • And today we're going to make our own disinfectant ways.

  • Now I'm using a shop type paper tail because I use Thea other kind and they're too thin and flimsy.

  • So these air more made for that?

  • What I did is I just simply took a knife, cut it in half, and then I removed the cardboard out of the center.

  • That's not hard to do it all.

  • Um, I'll show you real quick and save these.

  • Save the center of the cardboard because we're going to do another project with, um here.

  • Sick very soon.

  • That's how easy it is to get out.

  • Now, this is an old coffee can.

  • So I'm just gonna put my paper tails inside.

  • And I would take two cups of water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap.

  • Now, if you want, you can also put 10 to 12 uh, drops of your favorite.

  • Oh, he sent a loyal, but I'm not gonna do that today.

  • Just mix it.

  • And the reason I do it like this slowly is because we need thio entire paper tail to absorb it.

  • And sometimes it could take a while.

  • Okay, but and then you don't make mess either.

  • Then we just put the lid on shake it, I'll turn it a couple times.

  • Um, you know, tonight before I go to bed and then tomorrow they should be good to go.

  • We just gotta have it.

  • Actually, this seems pretty good to go now.

  • Uh, what I forgot to do there it is, is to get it started, and then you just pull it out.

  • What you need.

  • So disinfecting wipes made for the price of a tablespoon of dish.

  • So 1/4 cup of wait vinegar and two cups of white water.

  • It's always have a safe and blessed day and share your knowledge.

under from old ways.


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