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  • honey way that the parade went off.

  • Everybody lining up to be in it the noise and the slightly chaotic feel that I was hoping for people.

  • But in the spirit of it away alone, I actually didn't let myself think how successful they actually, it's beyond my imaginings.

  • Actually, I'm very grateful.

  • People have embraced the whole concept.

  • They really just come on board.

  • So, you know.

  • Thank you, Tez mania.

  • And thank you.

  • How about for making up?

  • What?

  • It wa ce?

  • I feel happy And frauds Happy heart And what I do here with everybody in the university.

  • I feel good, but now, like a dust bunny, like a part of myself, you know?

  • I mean, I have to talk tomorrow.

  • That's gonna be Start the sauce.

  • Just start the next cycle in a beautiful, clean, peaceful, calm way A ll.

  • The fees have gone up.

  • So now we just need to work on world peace.

  • That's another project.

honey way that the parade went off.


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B1 中級

霍巴特的 "Ogoh-ogoh"--遊行和焚燒。 (Hobart's Ogoh-ogoh - the Procession and the Burning)

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