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  • Hey, Theo!

  • Theo!

  • Theo Way!

  • Yeah, Tee market by the public place.

  • And here is a horrible journey.

  • Distressed on pledge.

  • I got 20.

  • Wait, It may not be so Not gonna bother at the immediate idea.

  • Bonnie told you the public booth.

  • Honey.

  • A team of compassion of chicken discipline.

  • Discipline, Johnny, Let it calm and again.

  • Totally.

  • Polina.

  • Like in the army.

  • T o t o you you you t o T o t o album with African Death Bee Suri Delight You see?

  • Oh Thio Public hand.

  • I have a husband T o T o Tiny Carini Thio A public hotel.

  • A part of you that just indicated Thio.

  • Get off the public about the unlucky D'oh!

  • D'oh, d'oh!

  • D'oh!

  • Public about Barkindo.

  • I don't follow.

  • Follow t go make holiday kiss Tico recording quality Gentlemen, follow me.

  • Todo todo today t booth Or did you leave the party?

  • I mean, there's only that alternately banality the very tiny remix Good alternative PT Bahana Stable bunch of Entebbe.

  • We belong to the promo career by Did you see O k Kissed on National night out on Michigan?

  • Michiko?

  • The combination was the backlash of the Mongol attack could be like a video.

  • Come on, Rog.

  • Calm.

  • Are you going?

  • Come on.

  • Every day at the top of the hill, I get your name in the room.

  • Really?

  • One of the guys that I liked about the date of the mothers to go by a beauty Abolish Hodge was the one exhibit you have said Barcelona Till Lebel.

  • Pollara Bora Bora Football team Mission partnership Bertie Air Peace in apartments in Billy Country currency for Mogo Darby.

  • Oh, my God!

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  • Barbet can a year sports Swazi.

  • They can treat it as a soldier parading in the bank.

  • Would you go to our bay tomorrow?

  • Betting interest to get out of the mornings.

  • But actually with Scott tomorrow.

Hey, Theo!


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Basanta Utsav 2020 - 孟加拉的Holi節 - 拉賓德拉-巴拉蒂大學的Basanta Utsav 2020。 (Basanta Utsav 2020 | Holi in Bengal | Basanta Utsav 2020 of Rabindra Bharati University)

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