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  • Hey, guys.

  • And welcome to New York or New York through your computer screen.

  • Yeah, I have been in New York City for the past week.

  • I came here to visit my high school friends, who I haven't seen in, like, a year and 1/2.

  • I also took David with me.

  • He's from San Diego, So this is his first time ever in New York, which is crazy to me because New York was like the closest big city to me growing up.

  • I mean, other than D.

  • C.

  • So I would always come up here and it's been cool seeing David just get so excited to see like Times Square for the first time.

  • Anyways, I got drink with my friends last night and I am massively hungover and I'm running on like, five hours of sleep, and David is absolutely conked out in bed.

  • So I'm just waiting for him to wake up.

  • But seeing my old friends and traveling, I feel like it always gets my thoughts training.

  • So I thought I'd just turn on the camera and talk him out with you guys.

  • I just love it.

  • She also old school.

  • You do just like talking about my feelings, a video diary rather than like trying very, very hard to entertain people.

  • Okay, so what got my thoughts joining WAAS this trip and the fact that I haven't logged it and I haven't even taken photos with any of my friends.

  • I haven't recorded stories with them.

  • I have no digital record of this trip whatsoever.

  • And in this modern day and age, when everybody's recording everything and especially as me where literally part of my livelihood is recording stuff, and I'm very used to working really hard to capture all of my moments as I enjoy them, this is something very strange for me.

  • I feel like a lot of us experience this tension every time that we're traveling or hang out with our friends or eating food.

  • Or just enjoying a moment is, on one hand wanting to be fully present and enjoy it for all it's worth and on the other hand, have a record of it so that later you could get the pleasure off looking at those photos and those snapshots and those instagram stories and like reliving the moment in your head, enjoying the moment isn't enough for us anymore.

  • You know, the looking back on something and being nostalgic about it is almost as enjoyable as the real thing.

  • I almost feel this morning like a faux mo for my own life that since I don't have a record of it, I miss out.

  • Even though I was there, I enjoyed it.

  • I think sometimes the worst part is not even actually taking a photo or instagram story or flogging.

  • But that moment leading up to when you d'oh when you're like trying to have a conversation with somebody but in the back of your head, you're like shit like I really want a photo, this situation like, could I ask for a photo?

  • Now, would it be weird if I took a photo?

  • And that sucks because you're not actually like fully they're listening to them because in your head you're just trying to figure out whether it's socially acceptable to record this moment.

  • I think basically what I'm saying is we desperately need to invent little eyeball cameras so that I could just record my entire life and people won't feel weird about it and won't heads up around a camera.

  • Would that create a lot of privacy issues and make our lives horrible because everything would be recorded and turn into that one black mirror episode.

  • Yes, but would it make flogging a little bit easier?

  • Also?

  • Yes, definitely.

  • Making blogging a little bit easier for YouTubers, who already have an incredibly easy job, is the more important factor there.

  • Sometimes I look at other YouTubers that I'm so jealous that they're so shameless.

  • And I guess they have all these other YouTube or friends or friends who are really used to being filmed.

  • And they could just David Dobre always has a camera, and he can always show all the fun times in his life.

  • I used to put daily bloggers on this pedestal and think that it was amazing that they could record their everyday life, and that was when I wanted to do, too.

  • But as I grew up, I had this growing appreciation for being able to keep parts of my life private, and this is something I'm still working on, letting myself have moments in my life where I'm not going to take pictures.

  • I'm not going to record it and just putting that all to the side and having a moment for me rather than a moment for the people who watch me.

  • Like even when I went to high school, Instagram was still pretty new and definitely was not like the influence of geese that it was right now.

  • But I remember getting ready for prom and like, nearly crying because I felt so much pressure to look pretty in my prom photos.

  • It wasn't even like I want to look pretty for my prom date.

  • I want to have a fun time with my friends.

  • It was no, it was the Instagram photos.

  • Isn't that stupid, like 200 people like that photo?

  • I should have just enjoyed myself, but I felt so much pressure, I don't know.

  • Looking back, I absolutely would take back that time and actually spend it who?

  • My friends like getting dinner beforehand rather than in my room, burning myself with a curling iron, you know, especially in L.

  • A.

  • But I think across the country everybody's trying to like, brand themselves in a certain way, and social media has turned us all into our own cinematographers, photographers, PR marketing team.

  • And we're not meant to be that we're not all little like many celebrities, doing that shit is exhausting.

  • Social media has transposed celebrity onto every single person, and every single person who feels like they're being watched every moment of their life has this importance that needs to be shared with other people, that other people who actually care about that they always have to look good for Instagram photo.

  • I feel like everybody now looks at themselves almost from 1/3 person view.

  • We get ready and we go to these aesthetic places on.

  • We do certain things just so that we can be seen by other people doing them.

  • And I don't think that doing things that other people will think are cool is at all like a genuine way to live your life.

  • I mean, I want to talk is my fucking job.

  • That's why it's so refreshing is a cheesy word.

  • But it was really refreshing to see my old friends from the East Coast because they're so separated from the world of social media, and I fucking love that.

  • They think my job is absurd.

  • I love that my friends from back home don't watch my YouTube videos because they like care about me.

  • Enough as a person that they actually want to know me in person rather than my online persona there never posing for somebody else or waiting to take a photo.

  • They're really just there for the moment.

  • And I know it was really nice to see I like l.

  • A.

  • But I miss that a lot.

  • No, honestly, I'm still a little bit disappointed that I didn't log this trip just because as my trip comes to a close, I would love nothing more than sitting down with footage from this trip and getting to relive like, little parts of hanging out with people.

  • But I don't have that.

  • And I think I'm okay with that because I had a really good time.

  • And I'm glad that I didn't Don't move any of that with tryingto recorded for other people.

  • I think Davis looking up now at last is like nude.

  • Hi.

  • How hungover are you?

  • Very, very okay.

  • David and I will try to nurse our hangovers.

  • That is all I have to say for now.

  • See you guys later.

Hey, guys.


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