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  • all right, we have breaking news.

  • Now let's get to it.

  • It has to do with Cove it 19 and the World Health Organization has just declared, Ah, global Corona virus.

  • It is a pandemic.

  • At this point.

  • Let's talk about what that means.

  • The criteria of a pandemic describes the world wide spread of the new disease involves a new virus against which most people do not yet have any immunity.

  • Virus can infect people easily and spreads person to person.

  • We're seeing those things.

  • It implies.

  • Efforts to contain an outbreak in a region or country have failed.

  • A pandemic describes how widespread and illnesses not how necessarily lethal it is.

  • The W.

  • H.

  • O has said it is tightening its criteria.

  • Criteria for classifying an outbreak is a pandemic and is working on a new definition as it relates to Corona virus.

all right, we have breaking news.


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B2 中高級 武漢肺炎 新型冠狀病毒 新冠肺炎 COVID-19

世衛組織宣佈冠狀病毒爆發為大流行病 (WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a pandemic)

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