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  • thank you so much.

  • The Webster for having us here.

  • My collection for Alexa Chung is behind us.

  • It's called the Muse.

  • We're told about that.

  • But first I should explain my guest here today.

  • I'm joined by his family.

  • Bar means a lot to me.

  • She's a best selling author, style icon, legend.

  • What else?

  • We'll get into it and you'll find out why she's so incredible.

  • But I'm sure you many of you are familiar with her book.

  • I'm with the band.

  • Was it challenging to revisit these memories?

  • And it was It was It was totally fun to revisit them.

  • And I was married at the time, and my ex husband, Michael Debar, was really generous and letting me just talk about orgasm, Jimmy Page and everything.

  • So what was the reaction of some of the men that you include in the book with A with a happy to be?

  • I mean, a lot of the account quite favorable, So I'm sure they were like, Well, it was all the truth.

  • And, you know, you can write the truth and get away with it.

  • When Kurt Load of a Rolling Stone asked Mick Jagger if he read I'm with the band.

  • He said I was there.

  • We've made this show and not see my make.

  • Sure?

  • Yes.

  • And this is based on your height park.

  • But I've also read that you he gave you some of his clothes, right?

  • Those boys were so small and thin, right?

  • An androgynous.

  • We shared our clothes.

  • We dressed each other.

  • Yes, Mick.

  • Give me a lot of clothes from performance movie velvets.

  • Amazing velvet Close.

  • But I as way too many of my things, I had to sell them to get through This collection that I've designed was actually called groupies.

  • Do you have any thoughts on the difference between these two terms on dhe?

  • How would you define very the exact same thing?

  • Okay.

  • Ever.

  • Ever since a man was on stage, you're amused.

  • But in the mid sixties, I heard the word groupie, and I was standing with Led Zeppelin in front of the limo's going to the forum, and I heard someone say it was the first time I heard the word.

  • I only have regrets for things I didn't do.

  • Jimi Hendrix hit on me when I was a baby virgin, and I just said, Yeah, I was.

  • I danced in this foxy lady.

  • Thank you so much the way.

  • So thank you so much for doing Thank you.

  • I think that was educational in fantastic, huh?

thank you so much.


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繆斯系列訪談|ALEXACHUNG (Muse Collection Interview | ALEXACHUNG)

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