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that bitch first.
Freestyler 2020 man Queen just dropped.
You are big dreams.
Big talk.
Yeah, You know what?
I'm gonna next number the president camera, money fan.
But I am talking about his lips when I say that here.
Wary, not coaching.
Have you given let black pants with Stanford hold a single gold in the lamp?
Broken trim in the cuts and pull it like hogan toe Really blew up your biggest issue in the trust quotes that stuff, you know, Duck.
And they knew it was there in the penthouse When I'm throwing it back with a panorama.
Where doing A friend, A leader Bulls I see death in corpses Look dirty best number pushes the horse 30 under 30.
I ain't talking full of praise for my ex I heard his lube is rocking Black Force Beat somebody else apart.
I'm a cook it off by being sweet But you gotta watch such annoying idea While I'm really trying to stay humble if they take that forgotten man, My mama made me a bad business.
Tell me, the Bali.
Yeah, I know her.
But I could teach you.
Just heard you a shit talking how you really No jury cup in a closed door was looking for the best puts Pappas.
Make you wanna head strikes since she worked at foot Locker.
Let go No bright with a spitting flour for 11.
Get money to split it up.
It's a sure sign of cities on my business.
Pretty important, we just live it up with the biggest yellow bishop was Liberty Dimino?
It's a bottom side.
Get him!
I got him.
Keiko, finish your education.
Use a bum, bitch.
I'm about I can't play wrapping bars when we've been right.
That pipe.
Hey, use a bum, bitch!
I'ma buy!
I came to play ball when we'll be right.
Take that pipe.
Hey, stop talking shit on his big I'm trying to be at ease.
Bitch is dirty.
I washed up in the bag.
Joy in his speech on this'll be fun.
One senior booth waiting to put your hands must stick.
Don't, Jim!


Dreezy - Yikes (Nicki Minaj Remix)

4 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 13 日
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