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gods and goddesses.
It's time for the number two dots show bythe Whoa!
Hey to you folks.
And welcome to the show What a great crowd we have tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage.
Move on The ascendant warrior.
Thanks for being here.
Are you my kid?
Are you an old Chinese man?
Oh, last time I checked.
Well, with that out of the way.
Allow me to give you a proper introduction.
There are many stories about the girl who became a hero.
Most are embellished, the events polished into a legendary sheen.
Who is who are Mullan?
Cla, Wah Mu lan.
Of course, cries will move on.
And they say the move on was blessed.
And then her bow and blade were gifts from the gods that she was wise beyond measure and stronger than 100 men.
You just ring my Wikipedia.
But every story, no matter how outlandish, has a grain of truth to it.
Is he just gonna march in a man from every family was calling?
Wait, wait.
Are you not a god?
Does that matter?
I mean smite in the battleground of the gods.
It seems relevant.
Oh, did your wicky not show you that I'm not the first non god name one King Arthur named three more Merlin Guan Yu Achilles.
Four more Janeway, Medusa, Rodney Scylla.
One more box era.
Okay, well, I guess we're gonna need a throw to a break here.
Thanks to my guests.
Move lawn for name.
One more junk.
Well, thanks to my guest, move on for stopping by.
Coming up next.
Gives us a tips or maintaining your nine tails.
Another non constitution will be right back.
I think the little girl.


SMITE - Hey Zeus! - Is Mulan a God?

21 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 12 日
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