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  • first, let me say America is great to be back on the debate stage.

  • I'm so excited.

  • I want to give every American $1000 a month George.

  • The entire capitalism socialism dichotomy is completely out of deep on.

  • The fact is, when people were talking about these economic models, they did not foresee technology getting stronger, more powerful, capable of doing the work of thousands of humans in the blink of an eye way.

  • Have record high corporate profits in this country right now, but people in New Hampshire know what else to record highs, mental illness, stress, debt, substance abuse, overdoses, suicides.

  • What we have to do is actually get the markets working to improve our family's way of life.

  • Instead of following GDP and corporate profits off a cliff, we should be measuring our own health and well and wellness, life expectancy, mental health and freedom from substance abuse, clean air and clean water.

  • How our kids are doing the way forward is a new human Senate version of capitalism that actually uses the markets to improve our family's lives.

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first, let me say America is great to be back on the debate stage.


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楊受成感謝重返辯論舞臺 l ABC新聞網 (Andrew Yang grateful to return to debate stage l ABC News)

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