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  • way.

  • Noto Make one sound Don't get your way Come on, everybody Don't get to say yeah, yeah, yeah When you used to be you see, I was a fool for you From the bottom Wait.

  • Oh, wait.

  • One wait, wait.

  • Rommel instead.

  • Good.

  • Wait.

  • So it started in here.

  • Something magical.

  • It's in the mob.

  • I don't know, really.

  • Don't even strong so feeling when I'm in my cell.

  • Wait, wait.

  • Oh, I'm sexy And I know it when welcome by girls may look like ghouls.

  • I've been to be walking in the street in my noona free.

  • This is Holly Rowe.

  • Read through with a big A pro.

  • Just like you know, I got to go.

  • No, no, wait.

  • This is how I roll with a big just like Lucy and I got to go, girl.

  • Oh, look at that.

  • No, no grow section machines.

  • I should be.

  • Who would have thought it turned me to Sam?

  • It just see me looking like Bono's.

  • Even in money from a wrong number that Carter's been this cargo.

  • What it is that I don't mean to brag, but I'm really good at it in the bag when they say I everybody gets sometimes.

  • No, wait.

  • Sometimes you know this way we shouldn't be fighting way racking.

  • I just want to stay up.

  • Don't thio.

  • I'm going.

  • No way.

  • Wait, wait Because I think you do, okay?

  • You want me goes right.

  • No, you Because Hey, go!

  • Hey, wait, wait.

  • Can't bring me down way.

  • Wait, wait.



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