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  • well.

  • Litany.

  • Playing in his first Manchester Darby silver again comes out gigs.

  • What a don't throw with three minutes.

  • Schools.

  • This is Manchester City.

  • Dreams is Ronaldo way?

  • Slipped in through here for geeks.

  • Smooth United have got one back.

  • Just like that.

  • This is becoming quite a game.

  • Quite a Darby pay big time.

  • It is 31 injury time to a perfect day fanfare, adding to the gladiatorial united against city against blue to philosophize, colliding as well.

  • T shirt says it all.

  • Guero build, Daddy goes Decision goes in favor of Manchester City.

  • But what about Johnny Evans?

  • To be read?

  • Surely, yes.

  • Johnny Evans.

  • The denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity.

  • Back to silver again.

  • Milner to Manchester City.

  • Turning old.

  • You're right about Teddy Millner from City.

  • It's Richard's ex three.

  • Sergio Aguero, now about completely Manchester City's day.

  • Well, that has to be it for me.

  • Game over is Fletcher Gemma Booth?

  • Probably too little, too late, very less.

  • Gods on Jacko turns it in.

  • Now there's a mass exodus around Old Trafford defies expectation on some logic, but it could be worse here.

  • Its silver and its just in 1989 Way by.

  • Let's go, whistle goes.

  • That will be very few Manchester United supporters here.

  • Could be six way to describe it.

  • Regime change.

  • Powershift.

  • Call it what you like.

  • Truthfully.

  • Unexpected, truly spectacular.

  • On a fairly mild Sunday lunchtime here in the UK in front of a full house jam packed in 47 a half 1000 people inside the anyhow today, along with the committed Manchester United team in enemy territory today united with that yeah pruning.

  • Wait.

  • Manchester United had the majority of United take the lead.

  • Brazilian Pull back Rudy Way.

  • Greatest enemy.

  • Wonderful save turns again.

  • Just what I needed has been coming on.

  • So many.

  • Good on the tube is Harry.

  • It's Tibbetts.

  • First Manchester City down, announced in despair and desperately before occasion, the size of this season on a raucous bank union Welcome!

  • Accompanied by ticket tape for both sides.

  • Silva Quero The letter was a good time.

  • Silver again, light headed city.

  • He can't admit it.

  • Yeah, right.

  • It was a chance, all right.

  • Just behind hits with ousted sitting tenants.

  • But now to a military, the players of United and City emerge from into the brightest of late summer Bank Union Sunshine running every Rudy sensational start tonight going off island by the window of a post and run to deal with gets its support.

  • Taking the most advanced city player in a moment of great felony.

  • Bearing down just a sensational trying imagination.

  • Who self belief, which is poised, sending just a city into a daze just a little bit deeper.

  • Now to help build up playing in the place of Pelham in one.

  • Go right, just united and on the cusp of stuff.

  • It's time beneath it comes out to gigs.

  • What, just brilliant from gigs.



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