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  • waits for final.

  • Will it be Liverpool, or will it be Monterey?

  • You face them here on Saturday evening, soothe towards Medina plays Rather got in each other's way with tonight.

  • Back on level terms.

  • Just a few minutes after falling behind shooting at full stretch to push that one, Ellison called it dark in here.

  • Let's just wait for Monterrey Striker.

  • It was a good job that he did so able t o touch him.

  • Money lost livable Golden is 16 appearances for a clever country to get away from still Alexandra to drive it to score.

  • That's exactly what he does.

  • Weigh against livable final 2 19 club.

waits for final.


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CF蒙特雷 v 利物浦 [視頻] FIFA Club World Cup, 卡塔爾 2019™ (英文) (CF Monterrey v Liverpool FC [Highlights] FIFA Club World Cup, Qatar 2019™)

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