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  • beautifully here in Barcelona.

  • Leak through TV Aerial Re Diego Milito said.

  • You're treading in Oliver.

  • Great touch.

  • Never go comes from Medina has been saying in recent weeks.

  • In his cameo appearances on the bench after recovering from tendinitis, he's lost a few pounds.

  • He's Bean is virtually put in there.

  • Preseason training regime.

  • Ronaldhino challenged by Diogo.

  • That's probably more likely.

  • Well, bye.

  • Sergio is Ronald Dino towards all raves on side.

  • She stole your hair on Ronaldhino.

  • Gabby Milito's breaking ball forward.

  • It's chance taken there by when Fran.

  • It's a penalty.

  • Big penalty for Ronald Video on Barcelona.

  • Seven minutes left.

  • Scores unstoppable.

  • Goalkeeper.

  • Guess wrong anyway.

  • But even if he had from the right way, he wouldn't have got their Barcelona on the threshold.

  • Now wait for you, Thio.

  • Shelby, Money Leader.

  • Every now and then, you Octavian, wait, Wait!

  • Super Ronaldhino Taking off the Copa America due to the heavy fixture list.

  • Mr Barcelona himself.

  • Ronald Gino coming in on a long holiday number 20 way to Colombia.

  • Involved on a winning aside a freaking dangerous position to school, It seems people told him way did as well because he still this one holding you, but the flag is up against the Brazilian number nine.

  • Slater senior goalkeeper Kane was.

  • No one knew it.

  • Claire is that delicious.

  • Corner watch here McGarrett comes across.

  • Surely that's a foul ball in.

  • Kaka's volley collection bounces away one day.

  • Goalkeeping doesn't change.

  • Holding yours.

  • Latest corner attacking the near post Brazil have to.

  • Mason has got the vital touch architects with Pace of the near post.

  • Brazil had to attacking it.

  • My song.

  • Now, though, we're both that important touch.

  • Just hit the closed wears on the view of the gold with aboutthe delivery and then a bit of luck for my son hits the post.

  • Then I think the palm of the goalkeeper power takes it.

  • Passed it on Brazil Out the lady.

  • That's a little gold that looks through a building challenged by Lucas held up looking.

  • Now for just one day, you have a case that free pizza decides to adult stoppages.

  • We're looking for the killer.

  • Second goal.

  • Weight to his left comes in field chance there.

  • For Diego, Terrific storm is not a way to Brazil on Ronaldhino.

  • First on the loose ball, too.

  • Drive it back from whence it had Come on, Algeria now surely have eaten and it's six winds on the drop full.

  • Dunga's Brazil chances to enjoy some of this year quality that golden year brings the side.

  • That was his past.

  • Diego shot that was saved and Ronaldinho thumps home.

  • The rebound can't take his place for granted under coach Younger, but I can safely say that it'll be in more times than not on the serious stuff starts is Lucas rolled in you Diego building.

  • Diego has continued his run ball just set up for it.

  • Just went out of plain fact.

  • Rattles the ball home, but it won't count.

  • Felt he kept it in.

  • But assistant there sign says he didn't with best players in the world right now.

  • Of course, Amedeo, who's set up one and scored a second, tries to set up another one here.

  • She was struggling with pace, but Diego couldn't get it to drop down swinging by Dean.

  • Yet three minutes about a time to be played rolled in you for Brazil.

  • It's a great ball for Diego Brazilian for third year recovery by cash distance he makes up here.

  • You want to get golden years corner wide, strong data coming in.

  • Alex.

  • Frankie Pena.

  • There is the final whistle flown by referee pizza.

  • In the end, a couple victory for Brazil.

  • Theo, arrival at home with a video and making a significant difference across the corner for the first goal had her by myself on then.

  • Something heard.

  • The second after Diego should have been rolled by final scoring.

  • Mon Petit, Algerian ill resulting.

beautifully here in Barcelona.


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