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  • With the Iowa caucus less than a month away, candidates are making a big push to get voters' attention.


  • Including Massachusetts' Senator and "tourist going in for a closer look at Michelangelo's "David"," Elizabeth Warren.

  • Warren has a new interview with "Elle" magazine, where she covered topics from policy to relationships, oras she plugged it in a tweet:

  • "You deserve better. Dump the guy who ghosted you. Convince the roommate to let you adopt a dog. And I'll take care of canceling your student loan debt."

  • Well, first off Senator, that sounds lovely.

  • But "dump the guy who ghosted you"?

  • "Ghosted" means they're already gone!

  • Everyone knows that, as soon as they ask "The Late Show" interns to explain it to them.

  • That's universal. Ghosted!

  • Warren also did an interview with "Cosmo," where she dished on her skincare routine.

  • "You knew this was coming."

  • "What is your skincare routine?"

  • So, I havehad, she's passed now — a much older cousin named Tootsie.

  • And years ago, I was I guess probably somewhere in my 20s, and we're at a big family reunion.

  • And Tootsie was beautiful!

  • And I looked over at her, and I said, "Toots, how do you have such gorgeous skin?"

  • I'm going to interrupt real quick here to point out that only Elizabeth Warren could say the sentence, "Toots, how do you have such gorgeous skin," and have it not be creepy.

  • Somewhere out there

  • Somewhere out there, Joe Biden is like, "Oh, but I can't sniff one neck? Come on!"

  • Come on, Toots! I know Toots! Anyway! Toots and corn pop!

  • Anyway, what did Toots say?

  • "She said, "Pond's, moisturizer every morning, every night, and never wash your face."

  • "So, from Tootsie, to me, to you."

  • "I never wash my face."

  • I hate to break it to you, Senator Warren, but I think Toots was messing with you.

  • - Hey, watch this! Hey, Liz! Hey, Liz!

  • Use Pond's constantly, never wash your face, and did you know we're half Native American?

  • Tell everyone!

  • That's a wrap on Toots! Toots is out! Never wash. Never wash! Just don't bathe! I never met her. I never met her, and I love Toots.

  • Warren has also been courting former candidates.

  • According to "The Post," Warren had just finished hiking on Washington's North Cascades Mountains, when she dropped in for lunch with Jay Inslee, whose endorsement she was seeking.

  • Oh, she just happened to be hiking near Jay Inslee's house?

  • What's next?

  • She just happens to be on the same half-pipe as Beto O'Rourke?

  • Oh, what a coincidence!

  • You thrash here, too?

With the Iowa caucus less than a month away, candidates are making a big push to get voters' attention.



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