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  • >> When I sit down and I do my makeup, I can't help but always reflect upon when I would

  • watch my mother do her makeup. >> And She had this little makeup bag...

  • >> This tiny little bag that fit just these little magical moments that transformed her

  • and made her feel better about herself. >> I would watch her apply her makeup while

  • she sat on the edge of the bed using a small hand held mirror.

  • >> I can't even imagine doing that now. >> I can't even go on a camping trip without

  • having a big case! >> So I watched my mother and she was simple...

  • >> what she used was just a minimal amount of makeup.

  • >> She used a foundation, A blush... >> Virtually no lipstick.

  • >> She would wear ohh.... Caramex? or Blistex? >> I think my mother had an addiction to Blistex!

  • >> Every time she came close to kiss me I could smell a minty freshness on her.

  • >> No heavy perfume. >> She chose two eyeshadows...

  • >> a pink and a blue that she would gradually mix into a violet on the edge of her eyes.

  • >> And she had these clear blue eyes, They were almost grey.

  • >> My mother would not leave the house without having her makeup done.

  • >> That was part of her wardrobe. It's part of my wardrobe too.

  • >> As much as I say on my day off, "I'm not going to put anything on my face."

  • >> I can't walk out without it. >> My mother was a very attractive woman.

  • >> I remember we would get on a Bus and sometimes the bus driver would make a little comment

  • to her and tell her she didn't have to pay the fare.

  • >> Now this was in New York. Nobody got away with not paying a fare!

  • >> My mother, she could walk anywhere and heads would turn.

  • >> I loved my mother. >> But at the same time, as I got older, I

  • felt as if I was in competition with her. >> Why is it that we look at our mothers and

  • we idolize them. They are the picture of perfection. >> We wanna please them. We wanna be just

  • like them. >> We sneak into their rooms. We put on their

  • shoes. We put on their clothes. And we start to try their makeup.

  • >> I know I did. >> And... It never looked the same.

  • >> [sniff] If I get a little emotional, the next part is hard.

  • >> When my mother was diagnosed and she was about to die...

  • >> I went to the nursing home where she was... and she still had that little makeup bag.

  • >> and... she couldn't make it to the makeup bag, so she would ask me to get it for her.

  • >> I could see her hand shake. I could see that she was taking so much morphine to kill

  • the pain... >> But she still wanted to hold herself up

  • and look a certain way. >> She took great pride in the way that she

  • looked. >> I can still smell the way that the nursing

  • home smelled. >> It was like cafeteria food mixed with the

  • cleansers and the people that were dying around her.

  • >> But still she had that minty fresh smell. >> She'd say, "Debbie. Go get me my makeup

  • bag." >> I'd say, "Mom... You know you're in a lot

  • of pain. >> No. I'm here. You don't have to put your

  • makeup on. You don't have to look a certain way. Just be comfortable. Relax."

  • >> "I'll be damned if I'm gonna die without my makeup on!" She said.

  • >> "I can't trust you kids to put it on right. Give me my makeup bag!"

  • >> I'd go and I'd get her makeup bag. I realized later on in life that was the one hold that

  • you have to your pride... >> to how you hold yourself...

  • >> to how you feel about yourself. >> And I take great pride in how my skin looks

  • and my makeup looks. >> I love my makeup. I love how everyday I

  • have to make a choice as to what colors I'm going to use and what look I'm going to have.

  • >> My mother didn't have those choices. She had one basic look.

  • >> When did it all of a sudden get so complicated? >> When did we all of a sudden go from that

  • one basic look to being able to transform ourselves?

  • >> I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. I truly enjoy it. It's not a chore for

  • me. >> Every morning when I get up and I do my

  • makeup, I look through the mirror. >> I look into the center of my eye.

  • >> I look at how I've aged and I wonder, with fear, if my mother went through the same thing?

  • >> Noticing every small fine line. Did she care? She didn't carry herself like she did.

  • >> People who knew my mother, say I look just like my mother. And I don't see it.

  • >> But today I do. Today I look into my eyes, I look at my cheeks, and my nose. I look at

  • how my brows are and I am exactly like my mother.

  • >> I miss her everyday and I think of her. And maybe that's what keeps here alive in

  • me is that I can see her everyday. >> Reflected in my mirror back at me...putting

  • on her makeup.

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