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  • So when he landed that showed I was I'm room.

  • Okay, I can take his best shot.

  • It didnt rock me.

  • It didn't hurt me, but I felt the thought of it, and I was I'd be careful, though.

  • Don't plan to his game.

  • So he's just staying there, waiting for me to rush into him.

  • I was even expect him to blitz at some points.

  • But whenever he had his bounce ready to blitz, I messed with his mind.

  • I I faint him out.

  • I'd shift.

  • I turned him his levels to this.

  • And people who don't understand the intricacies of the structure game don't understand.

  • So I'd stag, I cut his rhythm off, and then he'd have to restart his rhythm again with the bounce and bounce.

  • And it's different, ma'am.

  • But for me, I was hoping he'd be more like my opponents of the past.

  • Or like like Calvin and Robert, who would actually bring the fight of the Anderson account a fighter.

  • He still brought the fight, and he's the same age of them, so I don't know what his excuses. 00:00:59.300 --> 00:01:0.910 And he can try and think he won that fight. 00:01:1.500 --> 00:01:2.890 You didn't do nothing, Boy. 00:01:3.100 --> 00:01:4.150 You kept your composure. 00:01:4.150 --> 00:01:4.530 Obviously. 00:01:4.530 --> 00:01:5.650 When there was that, I poke. 00:01:5.650 --> 00:01:8.960 And when Dan Burghley out at one point kinda tried to get you guys to fight. 00:01:8.960 --> 00:01:12.510 Now a referee can take a point away for timidity, right?

  • Certainly we weren't in that situation.

  • No, but were you surprised that he tried to inject himself in the fight in that way?

  • What with the eye poke?

  • I was OK.

  • Fair enough.

  • Yes, because he was playing with the hands I was playing with their hands.

  • But what?

  • I mean, he said, Come on, guys, give them something to score.

  • I'm like I'm doing my best.

  • This is the guy just standing in doing this.

  • Yeah.

  • What's that?

  • What's that?

  • What do I have to do with that?

  • It takes two to tango.

  • I'm the one probing trying to draw reactions.

  • So for me, I was I was pressing the action.

  • He wasn't doing nothing.

  • This'll Bell had been taken away from you tonight.

  • Would there be Maur learning lessons in this fight than there are Because you're still the champ?

  • Not really.

  • I'm still trust me.

  • You guys are no.

  • Like I'm gonna wash this fight over and over.

  • I got some work to do at my after party show face, smile and wave. 00:01:58.440 --> 00:02:4.350 Ah, but then after that, I'm going to go re watch this again and see what I could have done. 00:02:5.020 --> 00:02:5.330 How? 00:02:5.340 --> 00:02:5.800 How? 00:02:5.800 --> 00:02:6.730 I like to attack fighters. 00:02:6.730 --> 00:02:7.370 I watched the fight. 00:02:7.370 --> 00:02:9.990 But if I was him, if I was fighting me, how would I beat me?

  • Right.

  • That's how I like to wash the fight again.

  • And also I'd see how what I what I did right in the fight.

  • I will look at that.

  • And also, I'd see how could I have done better in this fight?

  • But first I'm gonna do is watching to see how could I beat me in this fight?

  • Of all the things that make you great, I think for a lot of fans, chief among them is the fact that you not unlike a *** mongo man, I've always want to fight the top guy.

  • When you dusted Robert Whitaker, you asked for Paolo Conte.

  • Let it never be.

  • No, I didn't have to fight this guy.

  • A manager would have told you not.

  • I don't know, but I want the guy that everyone's running from.

  • I want the guy that everyone's scared to fight.

  • And I called him out and I beat him.

  • That was for one or five.

  • No, but I'll give it for one from my initial observation by Have to watch it again.

  • It might be five.

  • No, but for me that first round, I might give it just That's the only one on my gift to him. 00:02:56.710 --> 00:03:3.280 But for me, for one, I'd imagine your expectation is that Pal Acosta will be next and it will be a very I know he's going to bring the fight. 00:03:3.280 --> 00:03:4.730 That poll Ha Chino's gonna bring the fight. 00:03:4.730 --> 00:03:5.610 So I'm looking forward to that. 00:03:5.610 --> 00:03:6.170 Definitely. 00:03:6.530 --> 00:03:8.160 Do you consider yourself a counter striker? 00:03:8.160 --> 00:03:13.690 I mean, oftentimes at the highest Al Bender man, I do everything differently, like but yeah, that was my first initial style style.

  • Bullfighting with striking was counter fighting, and I brought that back in the Robert Whittaker fight and a lot of people, even my cameraman Jeff was like, I never even see you spy like that before in this camp.

  • Well, it's It's in my arsenal.

  • I just hadn't used it in a long time.

  • But I'm looking forward to that next fight because he's a guy that I've seen many times.

  • And I can say that definitely this I've never seen.

  • I've never had a guy just stand there right, like, what am I supposed to do with that?

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So when he landed that showed I was I'm room.


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