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Hi everyone, this is Neil Collins.
If you're really busy and you need to write a lot of short, quick but also polite emails, there are so many phrases that you can use with the word hope.
And this video, I'm going to tell you 10 email phrases with "hope".
Okay. So, some of these email phrases with hope you can use only at the start of the email.
Some of them you can use only at the end of the email.
And some of them you can use at the start or at the end of the email.
So, let's look first at the ones you can use only at the start of the email.
If it's Monday morning, you could write in your email: "Hope you had a good weekend."
Or if it's Monday evening or Tuesday morning, you can start the email by saying: "Hope you had a great start to the week."
If it's the middle of the day or the middle of the week, you could write at the start of your email: "Hope you're having a good day" or "Hope you're having a good week."
And if you know that the person you're writing to has just been on holiday and has just come back, you could say: "Hope you had a good holiday" or "Hope you had a nice day off."
So, I'll write them here for you.
So, one more tip about these is, this would be if you're writing to one person, if you want to make that plural, so you're writing to a group of people, just add "all" here.
So, you could say: "Hope you all had a good weekend."
Same with this one: "Hope you all had a good start to the week."
"Hope you're all having a good day"
Or "Hope you're all having a good week."
Or "Hope you all had a great holiday."
So, let's have a look at some of the phrases that you normally only use at the end of the email, here.
So you would say here: "Hope things are good with you," or "Hope to see you soon," or "Hope to talk to you soon."
If you say one of those last two expressions: "Hope to see you soon" or "Hope to talk to you soon", you're saying that, you don't know when exactly you will see them or you will talk to them but you would like to see them soon or you'd like to talk to them soon.
So, I'll write those phrases for you here.
Okay, also, like these phrases here, with these three as they are written here, you're writing to one person.
If you are writing to more than one person, and you want to make these plural, you can just put in the word "all" as well.
So, for example, "Hope things are good with all of you."
"All of you" here.
"Hope to see you all soon."
"Hope to talk to you all soon."
And then after these phrases, you would say: "Best Regards," or "Best," or "Kind Regards," or "Regards," Neil.
So, this would be the closing phrase, one more word and then your name.
Okay, so there are some other phrases you can use at the start or at the end of your email.
So, let's imagine for example this is the start of your email.
So, you say for example, "Hi Lupita," and then you would have your opening expression here.
I'll also show you, if it was the end of the email, so far example you say "All the best, Neil."
So the phrases you can use at the start or at the end would be "Hope all's well with you."
Or if you know that someone had a big presentation or meeting, you can say: "Hope the meeting went well" or "Hope the presentation went well."
Or if somebody you're writing to was just at a trade fair for example, you can say: "Hope the trade fair was fun" or "Hope the trade fair was interesting."
So, I'll write them here for you.
So, the important thing to realize here is, don't repeat these phrases.
So don't have one of these phrases at the start of your email and at the end of the email.
It's at the start or at the end.
So, you could say: "Hi, Lupita, Hope all's well" or "Hope all's well with you," and then your email.
And don't put in another phrase like this in the email.
Or, you could say: "Hi, Lupita, how are you?" and then you could write your email, and then in the end you could say: "Hope all's well with you."
So, don't repeat the phrases.
Start using these email phrases in your emails, and they will become automatic.
Thanks a lot for watching the video and I'll see you soon.
Hey guys! Thanks a lot for watching the videos.
If you are wondering what you can watch next, well, you can watch more vocabulary, you could watch more grammar videos, or you can watch more videos explaining typical German phrases.


Top 10 email phrases with HOPE

637 分類 收藏
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