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  • It's Oscar weekend, and I'm very excited.

  • So we're gonna take a look back at some past Oscar looks.

  • So Brad is nominated for once upon a time in Hollywood, which I'm very excited about.

  • And in 1996 there was a world in which Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow went together to the Oscars and so happy they dated.

  • Gwyneth does a slip dress like nobody else.

  • She's like, Model s the big Open collar.

  • This is like the worst sort of year for fashion, right?

  • Like that's the comeback that's not coming back.

  • I've Googled like a gazillion photos of JFK Junior and Carolyn Bessette.

  • I Googled Jen and Brad.

  • I have never googled Brad and Gwyneth it.

  • I'm a massive fan, so I'm going to start doing that later when I have nothing to do and I should be napping.

  • Scarlett Johansson 2000 for I Love Alberta Ferretti.

  • I think she has beautiful things. 00:00:56.290 --> 00:01:0.830 I have some pieces from her that I've gone from my mom and things I've done for myself, and it's stuff that holds up in last night. 00:01:0.830 --> 00:01:2.440 I feel like everything I have a sort of looks like that. 00:01:2.450 --> 00:01:4.280 I love this dress on her. 00:01:4.280 --> 00:01:5.330 I love the color on her. 00:01:5.330 --> 00:01:6.800 I feel like it's almost ahead of its time. 00:01:6.810 --> 00:01:12.660 It was really sort of sophisticated for her to choose that I like sort of blonde like bombshell old Hollywood hair.

  • First, all She's been killing it on the red carpet.

  • She's looked beautiful.

  • I think she's gonna wow us.

  • I wish that Jennifer Lopez made an appearance on the carpet just to see what she would wear, but I don't think that she's gonna make the time, but I wish she would.

  • My favorite, Jennifer Lopez Oscar's look by far is 2015.

  • Elie Saab.

  • This was perfection.

  • She looks so beautiful.

  • It's so elegant, but it's still very sexy.

  • It has a sort of performer, asked Vibe.

  • It looks like she's wearing a jeweled bodysuit that she would wear on stage.

  • This is kind of how I want to see J.

  • Lo Look, this is like the best version of her, because it sort of embodies everything that she is.

  • Okay, so another person I would love to see his repeated young go.

  • I mean, the powder blue custom made product rest with the headband.

  • I was like, Excuse me, perfection.

  • I love that color.

  • It looks good on everybody.

  • It's like a very good color to wear, So I would love to see what she was.

  • Shows is a good time. 00:01:59.420 --> 00:02:1.920 I like 2000 for Renee and her Caroline address. 00:02:1.930 --> 00:02:2.340 I love it. 00:02:2.350 --> 00:02:3.170 I think it's beautiful. 00:02:3.170 --> 00:02:4.580 I like the sort of bodice of the dress. 00:02:4.580 --> 00:02:9.220 I feel like that's That's a dress that you wear to the Oscars, and you can wear that dress to the Oscars you should, and I love a matching shoe. 00:02:9.230 --> 00:02:11.130 I love a matching shoe in color and fabric.

  • It's just elevates the look.

  • I mean, Renee is gonna win, and she's gonna get up there and be like, Thank you, darlings.

  • Yes, I saw Judy when Billy Porter walked in tow last year's Oscars in that Christian Siriano moment.

  • This is what I want to get married and I would do it with a bow tie.

  • It was so beautiful and so dramatic, but not over the top and not in the trying hard way.

  • It wasn't tacky.

  • It was truly like a man and a beautiful sort of outfit.

  • That was like a dress stunning.

  • I haven't seen this done as well as he did it ever.

  • I don't think it's ever gonna be repeated.

  • Charlize Theron in the Powder Blue Christian Dior dress for 20 nineteen's Oscars.

  • It was one of those looks that you really weren't sure how you felt about it for a long time, and ultimately I ended up really liking it because it's very dramatic.

  • I absolutely love that shade of blue.

  • It's that sort of powdery Cinderella blue that's just so fresh and gorgeous.

  • I love when people wear necklaces over their dress, and I love this sort of pop of lip on it, and she's so statuesque.

  • I think it really did work. 00:02:59.590 --> 00:03:2.590 But I also concede why people found it jarring and off putting. 00:03:2.710 --> 00:03:4.760 Sir Sherone in 2008 Alberta Ferretti. 00:03:4.760 --> 00:03:11.760 First I loved the green color and I think it's an appropriate sweet but sophisticated dress for the age that she waas right, which I think is hard to dio.

  • But, you know, looks good.

  • Regina King is present.

  • Language is fun.

  • We love Regina King.

  • Last year she wore a white Oscar to Laurent to dress.

  • I mean gorgeous, so beautiful.

  • I mean, I love the white dress and white shoots so fresh.

  • So I hope my queen taped shows up and gives us a fashion moment.

  • I was obsessed with her in 2005 Valentino yellows or of sharp truce to rest with the one shoulder sort of Greece and ask style with the longer train and the like, Marilyn Monroe hair.

  • I mean, she kills it all the time, but I love when she's sort of a little bit softer and does more pastel colors.

  • And then she did the sort of like brown chocolate burgundy bell, which is not something that most people would put together.

  • But those colors together are so beautiful.

  • I think the Oscars is like the Hollywood prom.

  • People don't go around like they spend months and months and months narrowing down what they're gonna wear.

  • There's nothing better than hitting it out of the park.

  • It's the worst when you just doesn't work out fine. 00:03:58.440 --> 00:04:1.320 In my least favorite word, I rather look like dog or gorgeous. 00:04:1.330 --> 00:04:2.090 I don't look fine. 00:04:2.140 --> 00:04:2.820 You look fine. 00:04:3.250 --> 00:04:4.250 Er was that me? 00:04:4.250 --> 00:04:5.980 And find means like you, like, passed her driving. 00:04:5.980 --> 00:04:6.650 Just sort of. 00:04:8.660 --> 00:04:13.640 There is a brand new episode of necessary illness every Saturday, so make sure you what?

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It's Oscar weekend, and I'm very excited.


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