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  • Then they give it back and everything's fine.

  • Uh, would have liked more sleep last night, But maybe I'll get some on the plane. 00:00:22.140 --> 00:01:4.870 Excited to get to Tokyo, Maybe. 00:01:4.870 --> 00:01:5.150 Nothing. 00:01:5.150 --> 00:01:9.050 Most productive day from the airport to pick me up. 00:01:9.660 --> 00:01:11.700 We drove from Narita back to Tokyo.

  • Just got a long way.

  • Way We've got some coffee that started to he co coffee.

  • It is too close by.

  • We went to birth, um, and then came back to the hotel three o'clock at that point.

  • And I think my insanity.

  • As much as I wanted to get into Tokyo, I needed to just chill out a little bit, too little email catch up on life.

  • It is not too late right now, like 5 p.m. On the planet to go for dinner, and I'm gonna get a deal.

  • I don't know anything more than that, but I'm looking forward to it. 00:01:43.710 --> 00:02:6.260 Oh, feels so this morning. 00:02:6.260 --> 00:02:13.410 We just finished our first session over the day talking about the Black Eagle behind me.

  • We did the same thing this afternoon, and yet we're in.

  • We're in the lab space above a coffee bar, which is a super cool coffee bar.

  • They made me very delicious.

  • Copy this morning.

  • So now his lunch afternoon.

  • Another session?

  • Um, always interesting to trying to work out what's different here versus anywhere else.

  • What problems are common here versus everywhere else?

  • Okay, so second session done.

  • We're just cleaning up.

  • It's about five ish.

  • Just one thing. 00:02:59.150 --> 00:03:0.050 I will put the video. 00:03:0.060 --> 00:03:8.650 There is an awesome wine fridge here that they're using to keep coffee and, uh, that I kind of want I would like to own that. 00:03:9.240 --> 00:03:17.150 So now from here, I think we had Thio Ginza, where dinner is, which is kind of exciting, because ginza it's pretty amazing.

  • It was hard to say the same thing twice in one day just to kind of make sure you don't lose track of where you are or what you said in the audience is here a little bit shy, but some interesting questions nonetheless.

  • Good day.

  • No city looks better at night in Tokyo.

  • Seriously?

  • No, like you just could've liking the mind of white light, especially this neighborhood.

  • I just feel like it's the best Took here.

  • Looks so good at night.

  • One of life's great pleasures is getting laundry done in Japan.

  • Hotel laundry into the laundry.

  • It's like a beautiful moment.

  • And I'm trying to travel relatively light because I'm nearly three weeks I don't pack a ton of clothes because again, people give me stuff.

  • So getting laundry done along the way, it's kind of necessity.

  • But getting laundry done here, it's kind of the best.

  • Come on now, guest, this is This is this is how everything should be.

  • I want you to bash it this morning.

  • Uh, camera stuff.

  • I got a copy.

  • A glitch coffee Run and try and get a coffee.

  • A switch.

  • Coffee rhyming day on their meat.

  • Yoga, Sam and sushi.

  • So much.

  • All right. 00:05:57.770 --> 00:06:0.100 I'm at, uh, switch coffee. 00:06:0.260 --> 00:06:3.140 Little tiny, uh, very cool coffee shop, bro. 00:06:3.140 --> 00:06:5.820 Straight in mega of 40. 00:06:5.820 --> 00:06:21.040 Pronouncement on, um, just whenever I come to Tokyo with one crazy experience of lovely service so that coffees and suggested I should take them, and he gave me It's rustic up from the w B.

  • c.

  • 2070 year old one here in Tokyo many years ago, you could drink an espresso from this cup from him at a different shop, so that's kind of cool.

  • Flight to New Zealand Now it's about five.

  • Flying about an hour.

  • Had an amazing lunch at some sushi for lunch at the first sushi restaurant that Yoko San was my host here.

  • They took me to when I first came to Tokyo, and it was the first time I really understood sushi to be amazing, Conversational, interesting, like like a big deal. 00:08:0.230 --> 00:08:3.850 It was It was very kind of, uh uh, take me back today. 00:08:5.060 --> 00:08:5.850 So good. 00:08:6.170 --> 00:08:8.000 Criminally good, Amazingly good. 00:08:8.400 --> 00:08:11.550 Just just like bliss in a mouthful.

  • I never get enough time until here.

  • I never get enough time to just explore.

  • Get out of Tokyo.

  • I need to come back to Japan.

Then they give it back and everything's fine.


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#13號--日本。我的午餐比你的午餐好吃 (#13 - Japan: My lunch is better than your lunch)

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