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  • KJ you performed on stage in the film.

  • You got fans screaming at you kind of give you a taste of what it's like to be a musician.

  • Do you think will do that in real life?

  • Do I think what your mother ever pissed music in real life?

  • I mean, I'm pursuing right now.

  • It's I love.

  • I love playing music, and right now it's It's, you know, it's kind of like a creative outlet that I can do that to get away from everything else, and I hope that it never changes.

  • Did you get any tips from Shana?

  • No, we haven't.

  • We haven't met any music yet, but I need to.

  • I need Thio because it's a muscle move for everyone.

  • I think we all We all have one thing in common as human beings watching this movie, and it's love.

  • I think at the end of the day, that's really what this movie is about.

  • It's a story about two people falling love hot. 00:00:59.500 --> 00:01:3.180 Tell us about how playing the role of Jeremy can't changed you. 00:01:3.190 --> 00:01:5.260 I saw your recent Instagram post. 00:01:5.410 --> 00:01:6.750 Now it's pretty powerful stuff. 00:01:7.620 --> 00:01:18.800 I mean, I think the role came to me at a like I said in the Post, really a pivotal point in my life where I feel like I had a lot of feeling and a lot of energy that I needed to get out.

  • And I feel like this'll movie, help me to do that.

  • And I and I learned so much about myself about the world, about love, about, um, true love.

  • You know what is I still believe me, I still believe means to may journeying through my biggest fear and coming out the other side Still still believing How did interviewing and spending time with Jeremy Camp affect how you played?

  • Um, not too much.

  • Honestly, I feel like I already prepared for this role pretty intimately without without directors John and Andy that when I was on set, that was that was all I could focus on, you know? 00:01:56.900 --> 00:02:3.830 And when I admit Jeremy, it was awesome to because I found myself in moments on Sit where I needed to know. 00:02:3.840 --> 00:02:8.320 Certain things are said in a moment around, like, what were you thinking during this moment? 00:02:8.320 --> 00:02:9.590 And and he was always there to help me. 00:02:9.600 --> 00:02:14.880 So it's great Jeremy post on instagram that churches are buying out theaters to play this film.

  • So why do you think it's having such a strong reaction?

  • Audiences, I think, specifically with the Christian community, a TTE being such a committed community.

  • Inevitably, I think this film is great for that community because that's, you know, the base of this film is about God and love.

  • And I think, yeah, that community is very committed.

  • And I think also it's it's appealing to everyone else, too, because, like I said before world, human beings, we all know what love is.

  • We all recognize love and yeah, I hope everything works out of this film being inspired to fall in love.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching.

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KJ you performed on stage in the film.


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