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  • Hey, what's going on?

  • Guys got some kind of very serious and sad news to share with you today, so I just want to get right into it.

  • Our good friend, Simon Curry, as you guys may know him as the Gundam UK.

  • He is a good friend of mine and another member of complete talk in our group there and just a common face online.

  • I'm sure you guys have probably seen him around if you haven't seen his, his YouTube channel or website or anything like that.

  • Anyway, I'm sure you guys have seen around on Facebook or other places as well.

  • Um, he is very sick and he needs our help.

  • So that's why I'm making this video afford to let you guys know about that and let you guys know about the go fund me that we've started to try to help him out.

  • Basically, what happened is around.

  • We could go a little over a week ago, he had to have emergency brain surgery.

  • He was taken into the hospital before that for what they thought that time was some sort of viral infection.

  • And only later they find out that it was actually much more serious and he was having some inflammation on his brain and so they had to have emergency surgery on.

  • Basically, what it was that he suffered from was essentially a type of stroke.

  • As Faras understand, although I don't know all the details very in detail.

  • But ah, it's not good, really bad a situation.

  • And he was fighting for his life, luckily at the time, But luckily now he's doing better.

  • Ah, he's improving.

  • The surgery went well, a cz well as it could go as far as we know.

  • Ah, and he's on the road to recovery.

  • But it's going to be a very slow road, and ultimately, I think he'll be recovering for ever.

  • Brain surgery is really serious, and it's the kind of thing that you can't just rest for a week and come back from eso he's now.

  • We've been getting some updates here and there.

  • Things to his wife has been contacting.

  • Let it letting us know us in our gun bullet talk group tap on Duh.

  • So he's now started to be able to speak a little bit again and sort of get a little bit of movement and eating a little bit, but, uh, his condition is still buried.

  • Not good.

  • Still no ability really to move his left side because of the stroke left side of his body.

  • So it's a kind of common thing when you have a stroke.

  • Ah, yes.

  • Oh, it's a long story short.

  • Yeah, he's not doing well.

  • And if you guys aren't familiar with him very personally, he has obviously likes a wife and two young boys.

  • So he has a family, and it's a really tough situation.

  • So you know, he's not gonna able to work for a long while.

  • Ah, and then, you know, even when he is able to go back to work, I don't know what the situation will be like if you will be able to go back to the same job at full capacity like he was doing before or what?

  • Actually, uh, it's all very unknown.

  • So, uh, yeah, he's just been a good friends and a really important member and helping to build online community for many years now.

  • And so I think it's a good opportunity for us as a community to give back eso There's gonna be a go fund me.

  • Obviously, the link to the gulf on me is down below.

  • Anything that you guys can do to help support him is very appreciated.

  • Ah, I It just as someone who also, uh, has kids has a family.

  • Ah, it's a really impossible to imagine situation to not be able Thio not be able to pretty much do anything to take care of your family for at least, you know, months on end.

  • So yeah.

  • Ah, guys, please do reach out to Simon on through Social media, let you know you're thinking of him on if you can donate to the gulf on me, that will really help them a lot.

  • And I know they will really appreciate that.

  • I think there's gonna be some of the things that I'm gonna try to do maybe auctioning off a few of my builds on, then donating that also donating the money from that also to help this.

  • So I'll let you guys know about any other updates on and of course, any updates about Simon's health.

  • I'll let you guys know as well, but I'm thinking of auctioning maybe a couple kits and doing some other things to help raise the money as well also the recently released Shar T shirts that we have over on true gum plus site.

  • Also put a link to the T shirts down below.

  • If you guys missed that before, but, ah, profits from those shar t shirts is also going to be going to donate it to Simon Thio him and his family as well.

  • So if you guys haven't do check out those shorts and there are only available just for this month just for months.

  • So there are limited s.

  • So, uh, it's another way that you can help just get a cool T shirt out of as well.

  • But ultimately, the of course, the most important thing is just kind of helping out Simon and his family.

  • So yeah.

  • Ah, that's it for this video, guys.

  • Um, just that's ah, it's crazy.

  • Yeah, that this kind of thing.

  • You know, Simon's nothing couple years older than me.

  • Um, that that stuff happens and hopefully we as a community can come together and help him out in this time.

  • So I really appreciate you guys listening.

  • And for any and all support that you can give to Simon.

  • Thanks much.

Hey, what's going on?


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