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  • This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge!

  • Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days!

  • Jumpstart your vocabulary in 2017.

  • Today is Day 28 and we're studying phrasal verbs withcry”.

  • To cry for something for something does not involve actually crying.

  • It means to urgently ask for something.

  • I heard hear cry for help.

  • It can also mean to really need based on appearance or situation.

  • This house is just crying for someone to buy it,

  • it’s in a great neighborhood and it’s well-priced.

  • Or, the team is crying for a new manager.

  • Meaning, the current manager is pretty bad.

  • You might cry out when youre crying for help.

  • To cry out means to make a loud sudden sound.

  • It can either be a word, like HEY or HELP, or just a sound like Ow!

  • She cried out when she broke her arm.

  • I cried out to him, but it couldn’t be heard over the crowd.

  • If you cry out against something, youre protesting.

  • Youre asking for a change.

  • Some people have cried out against the government’s move to reduce Medicare benefits.

  • Or the workers cried out when the company announced pay cuts.

  • We also use this quite a bit as a noun, just one word, outcry.

  • There was a public outcry over the proposed changes to the park.

  • We also use this phrasal verb in the phrase: for crying out loud.

  • This is an expression that shows annoyance or exasperation.

  • When your kid starts crying for ice cream for the third day in a row, you might say, oh for crying out loud.

  • And we usecry overin the phrasethere’s no use crying over spilled milk.”

  • This means, don’t get too upset about something that is already happened and can’t be changed.

  • I wish I’d studied harder for that test.

  • Well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. You can study hard for the final.

  • Cry begins with the CR consonant cluster.

  • Back of the tongue lifts to touch the soft palate as the front of the tongue starts to lift and pull back for the R.

  • The lips can start to flare too. Cr-, cr-.

  • Cry. Then the AI diphthong. AI as in BUY.

  • Jaw drops for the first sound, aahcra--

  • and the back of the tongue lifts cra--.

  • Then the front of the tongue arches up towards the roof of the mouth, bringing the jaw back up.

  • Cry--

  • Cry. Cry. Cry.

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This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge!


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