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  • Think he's the best after my time.

  • Like what?

  • What he could do with football.

  • The way he runs you could go either with no bottom, the either for a small guy and it isn't isn't defenders absolute night.

  • I don't really play for 23 years ago.

  • You see messing out.

  • This guy's the best player in the world.

  • There is no doubt about that and I think we're always nervous about calling people what they want.

  • Younger 23 C's best player. 00:00:58.650 --> 00:01:3.570 But what we're seeing about special talent, Maybe it's the best place. 00:01:6.390 --> 00:01:17.130 Who's the best player in the world with a set of steps before?

  • I believe it's best magic way.

  • Jury players compares worth over five way, way too messy in my eyes. 00:01:49.290 --> 00:02:7.980 For me, this is messy is being a gift from just such a phenomenal A player that only beats people, mesmerizes, produces magical moment scores. 00:02:7.980 --> 00:02:14.890 A multitude of God gets kicked to get back to you get so you never dies.

  • He doesn't cheat.

  • He's just a brilliant example that's football is everywhere.

  • Copy game would be much better.

  • I think everything about this you wantto you know, from the way place having heavy reacts when you get healed by someone who doesn't share his frustration.

  • Teammate.

  • I just think everything about doing you wanna, like way, play him.

  • You know, it's like there's not many situations, way talk, like Children.

  • I know it's not that I know of him, but you just gotta be honest because you just see the guy wandering around totally have led us to the game with Bank of Greater Something scoring Texas. 00:04:47.960 --> 00:05:6.550 There's a way to get around the way.

  • What impresses me always messes that whenever you watch him play with legal or the champions, do you know you're gonna get something special?

  • Is hardly, I think, from a count on one hand.

  • The game's over the last couple of years, but he hasn't done something special done, and that's what makes him particularly great.

  • Idea is it is so consistent.

  • Sometimes a great plan.

  • You don't see it 23 games.

  • It's nearly every game.

  • Regardless of how tight it is, messes on field is always gonna come up with trillions actually compare it to the greatest of all time.

  • I think that's fair.

  • Maradonna also talking about Callie.

  • But I can't differentiate between three certainly messing up their course.

  • What's in his favor, but still generation trying to get just messing.

  • Stupid Big game, Big goal.

  • Sliding over messy around one and Messi has seconds before areas again.

  • Then I realized when somebody has ability, I wasn't gonna shoot you because you did it in front of me and run by a couple of players for me.

  • I really shouldn't be thinking about thinking just What is it?

  • I don't care.

  • I know it is no good school.

  • Gold assist consistently.

  • Fantastic.

  • Just wait, people.

  • You take a few more chances here knowing you have the advantage of messy on lower penalty. 00:15:1.250 --> 00:15:7.890 Wow, just genius just dances away. 00:15:8.680 --> 00:15:11.360 Kelis Challenge runs fast board.

  • Messi read his mind with Pedro and four defenders that he first.

  • Is it gonna come later on from Messi? 00:15:55.160 --> 00:16:6.930 Spectacular fashion, backing off messy.

  • Look at this.

  • Thanks to takes 36 He is just messing away from 234 Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  • A beautiful girl away.

  • So typical of two goals in the first leg with Messing with 34 with messy way, a 19 year old.

  • Have you seen a better way?

  • He takes it up again.

  • Way away from yesterday's Is Iniesta want to it now?

  • Is Macy shielding well against the way I think this is not the end of June under Nineteens, there's no that doesn't use George Shaun Bar this incredible little man.

  • Well, I've said it so many times this season is the best on the planet.

  • That's one of the reasons why you give him a chance.

  • He's baiting the CME on twice.

  • He's two or three others.

  • He's left for dead, unbelievable balance, strength, skill, ability.

  • He is the best stop. 00:18:58.080 --> 00:19:6.600 There was three of them being another one of your most amusing message. 00:19:6.610 --> 00:19:18.480 Just scored one of the best gold absolutely soothe in the United States of America.

  • Way name Hurricanes bind him.

  • Is the ebony in one leanna messy.

Think he's the best after my time.


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梅西 - 人中之神 HD (Lionel Messi - A God Amongst Men HD)

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