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  • This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Challenge!

  • Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days!

  • Jumpstart your vocabulary in 2017.

  • Today is Day 25 and we're studying phrasal verbs withdig”.

  • Dig in: This is an informal way to say, go ahead and start eating.

  • Alright guys, the food’s going to get cold so dig in!

  • We use this phrasal verb in the phasedig one’s heels in.”

  • This means to refuse, to resist.

  • He keeps trying to get me to change my mind, but I’m digging in my heels.

  • This means, I’m resisting, I will not change my mind.

  • To dig up means to find something.

  • It took forever, but I dug up the instructions on how to work the coffee maker.

  • Theyre trying to dig up evidence to put him in jail.

  • To dig out means to locate something or someone that is under a bunch of things:

  • I need to dig out that file, it’s at the very back.

  • Or, after the earthquake, they tried for days to dig out survivors.

  • Or, I hate it when I have to dig something out that’s at the very bottom of my purse.

  • Do you dig it?

  • To dig something is slang for liking it.

  • I dig your shoes.

  • I dig this lesson on phrasal verbs.

  • Dig. Dig is simply the D sound, dd,

  • tongue at the roof of the mouth dd-- releasing, dd, dih-

  • The IH vowel, di-, a little bit of jaw drop,

  • front of the tongue arches towards the roof of the mouth here, IH, diiihhg.

  • And G. Back of the tongue lifts and touches the soft palate, then pulls away. Dig. Dig.

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This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Challenge!


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